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Communication break down. It's always the same.



Hey all.

I've been away for a while, but I bought the DLC during the holiday sale.  I've built a serious comm network before, but only once, soo I'm n00bish there.

Hmm  Forum won't let me embed images.



So I threw up a good enough most times, easy, lazy guy comm net for sandbox testing porpoises..  



Which also includes a Minmus equatorish orbiter.

I'm prepping to land a small rover on Minmus and when it's shadowed from Kerbin by Minmus I get no signal, even though there is a Relay sat, clearly above the horizon with contact to Kerbin, clearly above the horizon and in view of my dumb dead lander.  





Here's the relay..



Here's the lander still attached to the transfer booster and the skycrane.  Sorry about the lighting, I can't maneuver because THERE"S NOH SIGNAL.



Antenneai (ee eiai?) are all extended.

What am I missing.  Thanks in advance.

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To embed an image, you have to link directly to the image -- not to a webpage that mostly shows the image. Then put the link to the image into the "insert other media/URL" box.


Getting the URL for the image itself depends on your browser, but mostly you can right click on the image and there should be something there to get you the direct link.



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Yep.  Old forum rule, read further down the page to see if someone else is having your problem.  Com tron 88 (my favorite) is not a relay antenna.

OK this thread is now hijacked at the posters request into 'how to embed images in the new forum format'.  I tried insert other media but that just turns red and won't go.

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