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[1.10.x, and prior] SIMPLEX Resources 1.4

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SIMPLEX Resources

Download from Spacedock

Requires Module Manager (not included).

Licence  is CC-BY-NC-SA http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/


Who would like to use this mod?

Anyone who wants to flavour their stockish game a little, without jumping down a realism rabbit hole.


Introducing an extended resource system for Kerbal Space Program.

Rather than having a single non descriptive Ore for mining and converting to anything and possibly everything, this mod removes the stock Ore and replaces it.

HydrateOre ices, and is used for making LiquidFuel or as a part of Life Support mods.

Saturate effectively liquid HydrateOre.  Where this is availble, either on the surface or underpressure, it requires less energy than HydrateOre to mine and process, but is not widely available.

NaturalOre is used to generate MetalParts to build rockets (using Extraplanetary Launchpads).

RareOre is used to generate CustomParts used to build rockets (using Extraplanetary Launchpads), and also in Life Support mods.

XenonGas is able to be to extracted from the atmosphere of certain planets.

ArgonGas is now available without CRP for mods
LiquidHydrogen (LH2) is now available without CRP for mods.

Asteroids contain NaturalOre, with a possibility of HydrateOre and/or RareOre.

Comets contain HydrateOre only.

In addition, this mod configures the extraordinary Extraplanetary Launchpads originally by skykooler, and maintained by taniwha.

Two resources are introduced for this purpose, extending the vanilla approach of EL.

MetalParts and CustomParts are used in a unique recipes, making off world construction a little more complicated with two resources needed.


What else does this mod do?

The ration of LiquidFuel to Oxidizer in chemical engines is altered, and tanks ratios do the same.

Vanilla KSP has a ratio of .9:1.1.  This is now 1:3 meaning that a quarter of the tanks is LiquidFuel and three quarters is Oxidizer.

As engines have been altered for this mix, there is no actual change to gameplay.

However, it is much easier to find NaturalOre to bake Oxidizer out.  HydrateOre and Saturate is rarer and requires higher tech to create LiquidFuel. It means that if tech isn't available, you could ship LiquidFuel and only mine and ISRU Oxidizer instead.


What Planet Packs are supported?





Isn't there a resource pack that everyone uses?

I have worked to avoid conflicts with the extensive Community Resources Pack maintained by RoverDude.  This mod is intended to be used separately to CRP.  Mainly because I didn't like playing when mods provided tanks for dozens of resources that I would never use.  Taking both pills won't cause serious damage.


What part changes are made?

The stock drills, Drill-O-Matic Junior (small radial drill), Drill-O-Matic (large radial drill) will collect all ores unless supported mods are installed. However, if any of appropriate supported mods are introduced the stock drills will only mine HydrateOre and Saturate.


Supported Mods:

  • Extraplanetary Launchpads
    for construction of bases and craft

    Resource system Production chain

    NaturalOre  --smelters--> MetalParts--EL--> Craft Construction

    RareOre --refiners--> CustomParts --EL--> Craft Construction

    Part changes from EL vanilla.

    • Augers now harvest NaturalOre and RareOre (stock drills will only harvest HydrateOre). *Available mid techtree.
    • Smelters smelt NaturalOre  to MetalParts (using stock PartModule converters). *Available mid techtree.
    • EL Construction Drone refines RareOre to CustomParts (using stock PartModule converters).  *Available late techtree.
    • EL Workshop has no converts now.  Is only an efficient craft building part.
    • EL Rocket Builder (the outside workshop) is removed as it was not needed.
    • EL Tanks now hold the NaturalOreRareOre, and MetalParts and CustomParts.

    * Note that I recommend SIMPLEX TechTree, or the TETRIX TechTree for a good balance.

  • Stockalike Mining Extension
    for additional drills, harvesters, extractors and condensers


    Resource system Production chain

    NaturalOre  --furnaces--> MetalParts--EL--> Craft Construction

    RareOre --refiners--> CustomParts --EL--> Craft Construction

    Part changes from Mining Extension vanilla:

    • Land and Asteroids:
    • HydrateOre drills: Trowel (.625m stack), Wildcat (1.25 h-inline, v-inline), Prospector (Mk2 h-inline), stock drills will only harvest HydrateOre
    • NaturalOre and RareOre drills: Tremor (1.25m stack), Terravore (2.5m stack), Lithoquake (3.5m stack)
    • Ocean:
    • HydrateOre only extracter: Inline Oceamic (1.25m inline), 
    • HydrateOre and RareOre (where present) extracters: D4-MP Oceanic (1.25m stack), W-37 Oceanic (2.5m stack ocean)
    • Atmospheric:
    •  XenonGas extractors: RS-1 Condenser (1.25m inline), HD-RS7 Condenser (2.5m inline)
    • Ore Tanks:
      All switched to HydrateOre
    • ISRU:
      All switched to HydrateOre
    • Mass Drivers:
      All switched to NaturalOre

    * Note that I recommend SIMPLEX TechTree for a good balance.


  • Keridian Dynamics
    for addition parts for Extraplanetary Launchpads


    Resource system Production chain

    NaturalOre  --furnaces--> MetalParts--EL--> Craft Construction

    RareOre --refiners--> CustomParts --EL--> Craft Construction

    Part changes from Keridian Dynamics vanilla.

    • Furnaces smelt NaturalOre  to MetalParts (using stock PartModule converters). *Available mid techtree.
    • 3D Printer and FabricationContainer refines RareOre to CustomParts (using stock PartModule converters).  *Available late techtree.
    • Recyclers convert to MetalParts and CustomParts only.
    • KD ChemicalReactor  is removed as it was not needed (it may be reintroduced at some point)
    • KD Tanks now hold HydrateOre, NaturalOreRareOre, and MetalParts and CustomParts.**


    * Note that I recommend SIMPLEX TechTree for a good balance.
    ** Requires B9 Partswitch


  • Baha EPL Redrilled
    for additional Launchpads, mining drills and ISRU


    Resource system Production chain

    NaturalOre  --furnaces--> MetalParts--EL--> Craft Construction

    RareOre --refiners--> CustomParts --EL--> Craft Construction

    Part changes from Baha EPL vanilla.

    • Tanks now hold Simplex Resources**
    • Augers drill NaturalOre and RareOre.
    • Baha 3D printer refines RareOre to CustomParts.
    • the launchpad may not work (due to EL having changed (this will get fixed in a later release)

    * Note that I recommend SIMPLEX TechTree for a good balance.
    ** Requires Interstellar Fuel Switch for the tanks to expand upon filling


  • Ventral Drill for Stock ISRU
    A single stack drill

    Part changes from Ventral Drill for Stock ISRU vanilla.

    • Drill now drills HydrateOre

    * Note that I recommend SIMPLEX TechTree for a good balance.


  • Kerbalism Simplex
    Converts all the ISRU and drills to kerbalism with the Simplex profile.
  • Simple Fuel Switch by Snark
    The three Ore tanks are now switchable variants rather than separate for each resource.
  • Near Future Construction and Stockalike Station Parts Expansion Redux by Nertea
    https://spacedock.info/mod/563 and https://spacedock.info/mod/736
    The Octo and Hex Girder tanks, and SSPX Cargo containers have Ore removed and Saturate, HydrateOre, NaturalOre and RareOre added.


Recommended, but not required Mods:

  • SIMPLEX Techtree
    An excellent techtree that allows for Advancing Before Crew (PBC, UBM style play), and ensures a balance with EL and supporting mods.
  • TETRIX TechTree
    A more fully extended version of the Simplex TechTree that supports 
  • KerbalismSimplex 
    A kerbalism profile and optional move of Minmus to Eeloo.


Acknowledgements and Thanks:

To skykooler, and maintained by taniwha for Extraplanetary Launchpads

To allista for inspiration from Global Constuction

To JadeOfMaar for inspiration back from Rational Resources and support in setting up planetary resource models

To Poodmund for guidance on planetary packs

To Eleusis La Arwall for initially allowing a possible inclusion of the KD furnances.

MM Patch help for the ISRU Ore to Hydrate Ore from Sigma88 

MM Patch help for B9Partswitch with Keridian Dynamics from Blowfish

Assistance from GordonDry for what they assisted with.  Thank you so much!



Edited by theJesuit
Update to 1.4.20200714
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Hi all,

I've been working on the Baha EPL mod integration and realised I didn't put EPL augers in.  Nor the Asteroid mining configs.  My apologies.

I'll try and push out an update by the weekend.  The SIMPLEX Techtree will get an update as well and by the end of the weekend the new SIMPLEX Living which will include the Kerbalism Profile.

This update will also the ventral drill for stock ISRU mod.

EDIT - difficulty in seeing resources on asteroids.   I'll delay till tomorrow.  Sorry all!


Edited by theJesuit
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  • 4 weeks later...

Hi all,

Copied from the TechTree thread

Inspired by the SAFIRE mod which adjusts the oxidizer/fuel levels to 3:1 instead of the stock 1.1:0.9 and the tank ratios to compensate, I'm thinking of adding that into Simplex Resources.  It changes nothing for the mass of craft overall, nor delta-vee.  The same mass gives the same delta-vee.  The borrowed idea continues with oxidizer being easier to make (using NaturalOre), and Liquid fuel (that you don't need so much of), is only able to be made later in the tech tree and requires a rarer resource (so HydrateOre would be nerfed too).  But unlike SAFIRE, I won't adjust the densities of the fuels.  I'd also make this work in with NF suite and SSPX for the B9 tank switches, and look at supporting other tank mods that use B9. Part mods that have vanilla ksp definitions would be supported anyway.

Part of this thought process is to spin this off the engine nerfs and the fuel adjustment outlined here into its own mod.  I'd be keen on thoughts.

This would be optional by deleting the config file in the same way that the engine nerf is optional in the TechTree.



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  • 3 months later...

Update soon everyone 

The thinking in the next update is that they will translate into the basics of 12 usable resources found in the game and used in the Simplex system.  It is a simplified and non-onerous resource system.

HydrateOre (which will be hard to find) processed to LiquidFuel

NaturalOre (plentiful) can be processed to Oxidizer + MexalFuel, or MetalParts + BadAir 

RareOre (fewer places) can be processed to Ablator + Shielding, or CustomParts + Xenon

HydrateOre with RareOre makes OrganicSlurry

RareOre with NaturalOre makes SolidFuel

NaturalOre with HydrateOre makes MonoPropellant

BadAir and OrganicSlurry can be reprocessed to Air and Consumables for the Kerbalism SimplexLiving profile.

MetalParts and CustomParts are used withExtraPlanetary Launchpads.

MexalFuel is going to be like a proposed Aluminum/ oxidizer rocket that could be used on the moon without needing that valuable water /hydrogen - it would be a later tech tree thing.  Something like it exists in KSPIE, but i'll supply one too.  Low thrust, low ISP.

So, 12 resources coming from three ores.

The miniISRU will process Ox only.

ISRU will process Ox, LF, MP and Organic Slurry.  

A heavyISRU rescaled ISRU to 3.75m (suppled by this mod) will process the same but also MexalFuel, and SolidFuel.

Furnaces or smelters will produce MetalParts, and also Ablator and Sheilding together.

Fabricators will produce CustomParts with Xenon as a byproduct.


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Hi everyone,

I'm in the process of updating this mod -finally as I've been doing my most comprehensive career  playthrough in years and I'm about to unlock scanning... so it was time to update.

Changes will include:

A 4th mineable resource which is HydraSaturate (think water)  this is the basis of the oceans in KSP.  HydraSaturate requires less energy to convert to LiquidFuel.

Oceans will either be Fresh (not in stock), Acid, or Base.  Acid oceans contain 5% NaturalOre, Base oceans contain 5% RareOre along with HydraSaturate of 95%. Kerbin and Laythe have Base Oceans, Eve has Acid Oceans as it is supposidly rocket fuel anyway, and LF and Ox require HydraWhatever and NaturalOre respectively.

Underground reservoirs of HydraSaturate could be found in places and mined as per usual.

Antimatter fuel will be available and LH2 as well.  LH2 will be made by refining LF further - twice as much energy from HydraWhatever to produce.

I'm still not sure how the antimatter will work if I'll provide patches for KSPIE and Far Future engines.

I'm also going to add in Argon to support NF engines.  This will mean 4 gases Air, BadAir, Xenon and Argon.  Bodies with atmospheres will have combinations of these.  I've dubbed atmosphere's as Good, Bad, Ugly and Gassy.  Good is 95% Air, trace everything else (Kerbin).  Bad is 100% BadAir, (Duna).  Ugly is 50/50 Air and BadAir (Eve).  Gassy is mostly BadAir with more Xenon and Argon.

So effectively not much will change. Still three Ores to replace stock.  Now there is better ocean support and also atmospheric setups for mods such as kerbalism.

For a stockish game where you don't worry about atmospheres and extra gases, the drills will be able to collect HydraSaturate from oceans.


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Also to note thathat HydraSaturate name is a WIP.  Obviously it's analogy is water but I'd like a name that fits with the HydrateOre ide.  Possibly calling it Saturate on its own is a possibility or else HydrateFlow HydratePure or just LiquidHydrate 

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Good news everybody!

I have been working hard (hardly  working?) towards updating the Kerbalism Simplex mod.

Long story short, i wanted NearFuture Electrical support and realised that something would have to be done as these NEEDS CRP for its funky resources.

So there will be an update to this mod so Near Future Electrical is supportes without CRP.  You'll love it. 

Uranite is replaced with RareOre.

EnrichedUranium is replaced with NuclearFuel*

DepletedFuel is replaced with NuclearWaste*

*also thinking of changing these to FissionFuel/Waste incase anyone else uses this!

so... update soonTM!

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