In 2019, I am going to complete every KSP Milestone I can.

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Here is my todo list so far:

  1. Complete a mission similar to every Real Life Mission on the KSP Wiki.

  2. Return at least three Kerbals from every biome on every celestial body.

  3. Build a base in every biome on every celestial body.

  4. Have a station orbiting above every base in synchronous orbit.

  5. Visit the Mohole.

  6. Land on Eve's oceans.

  7. Bring each moonless planet a class E asteroid so they won't be so lonely.

  8. Do a grand tour and visit every one of my stations and bases.

  9. Get an actual PC.

  10. Do all of the above with OPM, if it's updated.

  11. Get a mod that adds a whole galaxy and do all of the above. If I make it here I will post again asking about the best ones.

  12. Install kOS and design my own guidance programs.


Mod List:

Outer Planets Mod - Galileo (Not yet updated)
Custom Asteroids - Starstrider42 (Not yet updated)
6 Crew Science Lab - Ruben
Australian Space Agency - brama0309
BetterBurnTime - Snark
Craft Manager - Katateochi
Custom Barn Kit - Sarbian
Eva Follower - linuxgurugamer
Final Frontier - Nereid
Kerbal Alarm Clock - TriggerAu
Kerbal Engineer Redux - jrbudda
Kopernicus - Thomas P., Sigma88
MissingHistory - Snark
TriggerAu Flags - TriggerAu
TweakScale - Lisias, Goodspeed, Biotronic, Pellinor
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Tip: start small, close to home.

If you can do that, maybe some day you can become a astronaut.

Edit: I like tip #9 . . . :cool:

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