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Kerbal Engineer Redux's dV numbers are wrong?


Bug Report

KSP 1.3

I want to transfer this station's core right to Jool, but i've noticed that even with little fuel left it has 2000 dV so i thought why not refuel it and move on instead of launching another booster. oKeMdWH.png

This core weighs around 50 tons, so i simulated it in VAB with Jumbo tank and X200-32 Fueltank (turned off fuel consumption from them) to see how much dV it would be. But why does it show me 2000 dV with full tanks? That's weird and i really don't want to test it "craft, save, launch, see if it works fine, if not load and repeat to step 1" way.


Here's my full mod list though


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Well, more fuel doesn't always equate to more Dv, but it's hard for me to say given I don't know how much Dv it originally had sitting on the pad.

Plus you've got tanks locked off which would change things. Plus, you're on an outdated version with mods. Plus it's a mock up, not the real thing.

Trouble shooting this wouldn't exactly be easy if it is a bug, lol. (A shot in the dark: Everything set up good crossfeed wise?)

If you're not opposed to a bit of "cheating" save your game, and use the debug menu (Alt+F12) to fill up all the fuel tanks on the real deal in space, see what numbers you get, then re-load your save.

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4 minutes ago, HebaruSan said:

Your "current" stage has 0 m/s dV. KER wants you to stage immediately:


Whatever this decoupler icon is, it's not shown in your VAB screenshot, so that would be the first thing to make consistent:


Thanks, it worked and shows 5000 dV. I'm too lazy to mess with docking ports so i planned "undocking" the station core through stack separator.

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