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Recently updated to v1.6.1, the KSP Trajectory Optimization Tool (KSP TOT) is a piece of MATLAB-based software written to help plan and execute space missions. 

It’s functions are many:

  • Using a Lambert solver, generate “porkchop plots” that assist with determining proper departure and arrival times of interplanetary transfer orbits.
  • Determine an optimal hyperbolic departure orbit and compute the burn magnitude and direction (that is, the delta-v vector) as well as the burn location in the initial orbit about the departure planet.
  • Compute optimal planetary flybys to cheaply get to those hard-to-reach destinations (Moho, Eeloo, etc).
  • Generate delta-v optimal rendevzous maneuvers to another spacecraft.
  • Find the optimal two-burn orbit change maneuvers to adjust your orbit cheaply!
  • Fully sequence a mission from start to finish, including coasts, burns, aerobraking, and more.  

Click here to get it!


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Sure beats "Um... thataway?"

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"Second star on the right, straight on 'till morning." 

Looking at that makes my head hurt, it reminds me that I've never set out to use a gravity assist to get anywhere.

Congrats @Arrowstar for the Squad mention, well-deserved for the work you put into this!

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Whoa, this is awesome.  Thanks for the shout out, @SQUAD!

The KSP Trajectory Optimization Tool has a been a labor of love of mine for almost 5 or 6 years now.  It started out as a mere porkchop plotter utility and has grown to include features and functionality that encompass almost all aspects of space mission analysis and design.  You can use KSPTOT to do everything from planning very simple orbit change maneuvers to full up mission simulations including launch, landing, in space maneuvering, re-entry, and everything in between.

For those hearing about KSPTOT for the first time, I should point out that users do not require MATLAB of their own.  KSPTOT is compiled and deployed and then run on user PCs with the freely available MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR), the download link for which is provided in the KSPTOT install instructions.

I'm aware that some of the more complex tools within KSPTOT, Mission Architect and Launch Vehicle Designer, take some time to get one's head around, so you'd like to start learning these tools, please don't hesitate to contact me on the KSPTOT forum thread that @Squad linked to above or PM me directly.  I'm always happy to help out with whatever you're working on, and I do take user suggestions seriously (just ask @Drew_Kerman, lol).

Thanks for the recognition and happy orbiting! :)

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