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The Kerbal Navy Shipyards project has now been running for like 2 years or more, and during that time, released or not, i have made about 40 different ships, and a pretty big pile of aircraft to go with them.

So, as you might expect, im starting to get some feelings of nostalgia for some of the earlier designs, and a feeling of wanting to remaster them. And that is what this project is pretty much about, but instead of just recreating them with a lower part-count, why not do them real justice and properly rebuild them with proper detail and better looks than before, with possibly a lower part-count on the side.


Original designs

I taught it's important to show what the ye original design looked like, as it has been such a long time since i uploaded some of them, and cause it's always nice to have a point of comparison, between the old and new.


K.S.S Krucible

The ship that started the project, and undoubtedly the most nostalgic one of them all, not just because it was the first, but because it was quite innovative for the time. It is also one of the few completely custom designs.


Sporting a full-hull, a lot of detail and functionality, and perhaps most important of all, reliability and ease of use. All my future ships have used a lot of the "innovations" in this ship, tough some of them have dropped off as the design have evolved/improved.

Features like the full-hull and the life-boats have dropped off due to eating too many parts, and being largely unnecessary. Their nice for detail sake's, but when you want to do naval duels/battles, you don't want those kinds of part eating details.


Overall design and weaponry was to be inline with what you would see on modern ships. Mainly the weaponry was based on the USN Ticonderoga class Guided Missile Cruisers









The fleets second AWACS/ship-hunter aircraft, and one of my more "innovative" designs...for the time.


I decided to try something a little different and build a large aircraft with no MK-3 parts in it, so the quite new (at the time) Nasa tanks and fairings made up the fuselage instead.

And i really really liked it, but it had one thing that always bothered me, the main wings.


The design was to be based on the ship-hunter version of the Boeing 737. I wanted to also include an AWACS capability on the side.









My first ever "hovercraft". Meant for carrying vehicles on land and on water. It was definitely one of the more fun projects.


Sadly the project had some issues as at the time not all of the mods i wanted to use where updated, so some engines and steering related things where a bit wonky.

The craft used at one point the angled rover-wheel "hover" technique. It worked fine on the tarmac, but in the grass the speed dropped to about 1,5 m/s, witch forced me to use landing-gears instead.


One nice little extra that just sort of happened, is that the colors on the thing are pretty accurate without any paint, with the black skirt, grey deck and white superstructure.








New versions


K.S.S Krucible II




The old girl is back, bigger and better than ever before...well...perhaps not back as this is a completely new craft that uses some design elements from the original.

I wanted the new ship to be a even more original than before and a little closer to my favorite period of warships, WWII, in looks, hence the turret layout, the crane at the rear, rigging...that sort of  stuff. But, the overall design and layout in a lot of places is similar to the original ship.

With the ship being such a special one, i didn't really pay attention to the part-count this time, other than modifying the hull to use less parts, it has pretty much all the details that a ship needs.


A huge thanks to all those who slapped a like on the little preview on the WIP post. And now to the showcase video.

IMPORTANT: If there's anything you want me to change/improve on future vids, don't hesitate to tell me, as i want to make them enjoyable to you guys.


(this was originally supposed to be uploaded on Christmas eve or Christmas day, but i didn't have enough time, hence why i said merry Christmas in the end there)


And here are some more screenshot's for those that don't fancy watching the long video.





A nice little shot of the engines. The propeller engines seen in this shot will not be in the release version, so no need for you to download Airplane+.







Technical specs:

Armaments: 4x Abrams turret, 3x Goalkeeper CIWS MK3, 2x Patriot system (currently empty), 8x Cruise missile in custom launchers.

Top speed: 25 m/s

Length: 108.6m

Width: 18.3m

Height: 28.6m

Mass: 1,402 tons

Parts: 759

As per usual, range shouldn't be a problem as it carries more than a few tons of fuel.


Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0ifg44nk402778n/K_S_S Krucible II.craft?dl=0


Mods used: BD-armory



Coming soon



Coming soon


I may or may not remaster some more crafts in the future. Mainly the K.S.S Bongo and K.S.S Freedom keep popping up in my mind and in these projects.

But that's about it for this blast to the past of sorts, i hope you enjoy it :), and i hope ill be getting the other crafts up soon.

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