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Kerbal Space Program 1.6.1 and Making History 1.6.1 is live!

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On 1/14/2019 at 2:41 PM, Starhawk said:

Here's a pic during ascent.


I basically (and inadvertently) copied this design for my own Eve lifter, though it was for one Kerbal, didn't have anything but the engines and tanks and the actual payload stage was totally different. Oh and I used fuel lines like old skool.

I thought I was being creative with it but upon seeing this pic, I see I must have seen this first. It's a solid design that even I could fly. I was able to get into orbit from sea level in testing, and had fuel to spare launching from about 1km up in the actual mission.

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6 hours ago, 5thHorseman said:

Oh and I used fuel lines like old skool.

No skool like the old skool.  :)

I've found that I've got used to building asparagus staged craft without fuel lines.  The biggest downside for me was that I had to open and monitor the PAW for a tank in whichever stage was active to know when to stage it.  Now, with the new dV readouts, that is no longer an issue.  The upsides are lower drag and part count.  Plus, it seems so much less finicky to set up.  YMMV.

Happy landings!

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6 minutes ago, 5thHorseman said:

Like Mir, perhaps? :D

Yeah. I know. It also resembles the layout of this guy: https://kerbalx.com/Jestersage/RanGong-Outpost. Granted, it's not a complete copy, look a bit too similar.

Who knows. a Mir clone is a Mir Clone. There can be only so many way to make each of the 6 modules...

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I have not personally had the issue, but some people have been complaining about performance issues with the new releases.

I strongly suspect that this has to do with the added rendering passes required for the reflective surfaces.
Adding an option to drastically reduce the quality of that pass, replace it with an algorithm that only reflects light emitters only or (for lowest quality) a simple specular algorithm. 

Preferably having all three options would be best.  We all like shinies, but some of us like mods that hurt performance more when combined with them.

The other thing that might add issues is the Delta-V calculation system.  All that can be done should be done to keep this routine garbage-free (Permanantly attaching the routine to the vessel object, using permanent data structures for any intermediary variables in the calculation and display process.  Using fixed layout for display instead of dynamic.)

Allowing the user to cap the refresh rate of all on-screen statistics and many other HUD objects should help.   Calculating them at a fixed rate instead of every frame would drastically reduce overhead.  Generally the option should be give for 15 times a second 20 times a second, 30 times a second, 40 times a second, 60 times a second or every frame.   Since these are relatively static objects 20fps should be default on low performance computers, and 30 on high performance computers.  Consoles should use 15 or 20 times a second.

p.s. Sorry for the late reply, I just figured this was the right place to put it considering it is a release related issue.  Based on feedback by other players I will make independent suggestions for these as well.

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19 minutes ago, EdwardB3020 said:

I guess scale down the pod slightly,

I think that would probably only make it useful for Gemini recreations. The whole point of KSP is being modular and LEGO-like, so having just that pod at its own unique size would just limit possible designs.

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On 2/13/2019 at 10:22 PM, Matuchkin said:

As much as we have progressed, we  should all remember the version that would forever be in our hearts. 0.90, we shall never forget thee. 

1.0 and 0.9 were the biggest leaps forward.  I liked 1.0 the most because of the improved aerodynamics.  Not everyone liked that change, though.  (For those of us who previously used FAR, it was simply using the same flight and design techniques.)

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