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Not a bad idea, and not too difficult to do.  In fact, I think it can be done using the same MM patch as what can be used to change the original parts.

Busy now, but will think about it.

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On 5/10/2019 at 3:42 PM, JadeOfMaar said:

That two-step idea is just what I intend to use to employ a massive soft-deprecation process, actually.

At the point of editing craft files and maybe even persistence, it would be handy to have a batch file that you can drop documents onto to change all the important strings in one shot, or further than that, a mod that accepts semicolon-delimited pairs of strings per line <part.oldname;part.newname> or <part.newname;part.oldname> can be triggered at the KSC scene and which uses KSP itself to do the operations.

At some point soon™ I'd like to do such a big and save-breaking update for OPT. I know one guy who has epic OCD and would be happy to have a tool like this nearby when such update happens. :D


I've been thinking about this, and think I have a workable solution.  Let me know when  you are going to start doing the part rename.  I'm busy with 1.7.2 updates right now, but will probably do something like this in the future for my mods.

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