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I wonder how many among yours would like being mission controller than astronaut, and why :-)

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Rather than being a mission controller, I would prefer to be either looking at the science, or designing and building equipment for space, I think. 

I'll likely start doing this professionally in a few years. After that, I'm all for going to space myself.

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I know I'm not nearly fit enough to be qualified for being a real astronaut... though if I make enough money, Blue Origin might make me a fake astronaut.

Both mission control and being an astronaut appear like they'd be fun intellectual challenges, and one of those two jobs can be done from a comfortable chair with no threat of exploding oxygen tanks.

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7 hours ago, DDE said:

Come on, can I just keep drawing slides instead?

Would like it more if the things in those slides comes to reality ! :D

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If you're a mission controller and the astronaut dies it's your fault, and I don't think I could live with that.

If you're an astronaut and the astronaut dies you're dead, and I'm SURE I couldn't live with that.

So neither. I'll keep my cozy desk job thanks.

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