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How to change the IVA in the VAB (or at launch)

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So I'm trying to extend the PartVariant Sytem to IVAs via EXTRA_INFO and my own PartModule.

So far I managed to grab that EXTRA_INFO when changing variants in the editor and persisting it to flight. I also manged to get rid of the regular IVA when spawning in flight by doing:

part.internalModel = null;

What I'm still stuck on is

  1. how to set the new IVA?
    1. part.internalModelName seems to be ignored, regardless of when I set it
    2. part.AddInternalPart(<ConfigNode>)... even if that were the right option, what kind of ConfigNode would I feed it?
  2. how to make that IVA then appear. I tried some combinations of CreateInternalModel, SpawnIVA and internalModel.Initialize, but that didn't seem to do anything. Might be related to 1., but I don't see KSP complaining about not finding the IVA in the log.

Anyone got any ideas?

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            if (part.internalModel == null && part.partInfo != null)
                ConfigNode getIVA = (from cfg in GameDatabase.Instance.GetConfigs("PART")
                    where cfg.url == part.partInfo.partUrl
                    select cfg.config.GetNode("INTERNAL")).FirstOrDefault();
                if (getIVA != null)
                    part.internalModel = part.AddInternalPart(getIVA);


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