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More stylish fuel lines

Kelly Roadkill

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Hello, dear colleagues. I am thinking about making an addon with fuel lines like these:




Ideally, is should procedurally route its path on and around the craft when the player is choosing the endpoint placement. But I'm totally new to KSP modding, fairly new to Unity, somewhat familiar with C#, and (thankfully) more or less experienced with a couple other languages. It seems like there are enough comprehensive intros to KSP modding around the Internets, so I'm going to start lurking asap, but at now I'd like to know if this kind of procedurality during part placement is possible at all. And, of course, it'd be helpful to know if you consider the idea interesting.

Thank you.

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Cool idea, but the examples in the pic you shared aren't actually the same type of "fuel lines" as those used in the game. The fuel lines represented in the game are for moving a LOT of fuel from one tank to another very quickly. Because of that they'll be as straight as possible because any twists or turns disrupts and slows down fuel flow.

The best example of a real-life fuel line is the LOX pipe that goes between the Shuttle and the external tank. Here's the best pic I could find. You can see that the main pipe really is just one big thick pipe, like the Stock fuel line  :) 

Image result for space shuttle umbilical connection to external tank


Not to stop your creativity, greebles are always fun, just thought this might help you understand why the stock design looks the way it does.

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