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[1.8.x] KSC Extended - v2.2 - Expanding your KSC in style!

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2 minutes ago, Beetlecat said:

He... literally did fix it on his own.

He didn't fix it, he clobbered a config file and found it was the reason for the conflict. It probably did do something useful, so this was just a workaround. Just because you didn't notice anything amiss with that file deleted doesn't mean there were no adverse effects. Sometimes a fix can be that simple, but usually, a config file is there for a reason, and by removing it, you sacrifice something. 

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It's not just semantics. A "fix" means that everything is fine and it needs no further work. A "workaround" is an immediate improvement that could have unforeseen consequences. You won't believe how many issues are caused by people who can't tell the difference (and whose response to any said consequences is to implement more of the latter).

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On 2/9/2020 at 12:16 PM, damonvv said:

Alright, we fixed the issue and things look perfect again!

I'll update both TSC and KSCExt later today.


I'm sure I'm just being dumb but I can't find the updated KSCExtended

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Version 2.2 is out!

* Renamed a static (TLC_41, removed ".mu" from pointername) and updated references in KK group. You must download the updated asset pack TundraSpaceCenter 2.0.1 or later, and manually edit the configs for this (it's a tiny edit) in any custom space centers using TLC 41.

* Consolidated play mode patch into one file.

* Updated Classic mode to provide Oxium, Nitronite in addition to Propellium, Raptium, RHK1.

* Fix for JNSQ: * Create separate folder "TSCJNSQ" and append the proper `:NEEDS` to all configs * Includes patch to color match grass colors to terrain.

* Repositions TSC (in a very, very different location) and fixes minor rotation/curvature problems.


* If you plan to make changes to any KK bases in-game, delete or disable MerchantOptions.cfg and restart KSP so the extra resources don't get baked into the refueling station configs. Also consider deleting the TSC or TSCJNSQ folder (whichever one does not apply to your install) as the `:NEEDS` passes will be erased when you save.

Happy launches!

Edited by damonvv
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4 hours ago, Galland1998 said:

I'm having an issue that the mod seems to fully upgrade the R&D building in career mode.  Not game breaking but it seems odd..

That’s odd, yet this pack isn’t really made for early career stuff

10 hours ago, wallum61 said:

What is the new location of the TSC?

It is replaced in JNSQ. Still at the old spot for stock Kerbin

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2 hours ago, infinite_monkey said:

Umm, is there a separate TSC in addition to the KSC?

Assuming it's up in the Tundra? ;D

I have zero problems with KSCExt in a career game (though + JNSQ). R&D building is the current little sheds and outposts / level zero still.

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Is TSC new or did I just never notice it before? looks very nice :D

I like to modify my KSC-Ext a bit. Is there a way to preserve the changes? Everything was reset after the update.

Also, there seem to be some setting issues with the textures, at least in JNSQ. Not sure if the problems come from TSC, KSC Extended, OSS, KK or JNSQ (probably a combination of them):

  • the roads and other OSS structures have the right color (or very close to it), but almost no texture (I guess OSS is to blame, IIRC there were changes in KK)
  • the launch pads from TSC have the right texture, but the wrong color. This can be fixed in KK's editor using the JNSQ KSC preset, although the color then is still a little different from the stock launch pad.



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8 hours ago, Nigel J. Cardozo said:

Whenever I launch a any rocket on any launch pad e.g. lc41, it always spawns the craft about 1km above the launch pad. I am using ksp 1.7.3

If you use a 1.8 build for 1.7.3 then you will have problems.

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