Career Mode: Mission To Kerbin's Highest Peak

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Hello. I recently attempted a mission to kerbin's highest peak to complete an objective in career mode and this is what happened.

First, here is a look at the craft I used, its a pretty basic rocket, it was able to get into orbit easily.


After the rocket was done, it was time to launch! The launch went pretty well, as seen in the next few images. (I used Jedediah Kerman for the daring mission)



After getting above 70,000 m, I coasted to my apoapsis, and did a burn to enter into kerbin orbit. 



Now that I was in kerbin orbit, I prepared to do a burn to change my inclination so it would match with the mountain's inclination. But before doing that, I decided to do a EVA Spacewalk.



With the EVA complete. It was time to get back In the ship and do the burn, but, as I found out, I ran out of fuel before I could finish the burn. After loading a quick save I decided to give up on the mission for now and return back to the ground (or sea, because that's where I splashed down)


I will reattempt this in Career Mode in the future, but if you have any tips or ideas to help me out, tell me below!

This is JohnsterSpaceProgram, signing off until my next post! :rep:;)

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This report of a mission has been moved to Mission Reports. And better luck next time. :)

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Hello, @Johnster Space Program. Welcome to mission reports. ;)

I assume your contract was to make some sort of observation from orbit above the waypoint in your 6th image?

If so, you will have a much easier time if you launch into a higher inclination directly. Inclination changes in low orbit are very costly in delta-v. 

Try launching into a polar orbit instead of an equatorial one. Head slightly west of North (about 350°) as soon as you start pitching over into your gravity turn (which you should be doing a bit sooner judging by your third image). Once in orbit, let Kerbin rotate beneath you until your orbit takes you above your target. Good luck! :D

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