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PS4, anomoly search.. Kerbin and the Mun


PS4 console. default controls.  current version, as far as I know.

I've not played in awhile, but started again. I have never landed at any of the anomalies, ever.

Do the anomalies show up in sandbox mode or only in the regular game. I've never really figured out the Kerb-net, so now that's my goal.

Any console friendly suggestions?

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Anomalies show up in all game modes. However, a few of them are randomized on a per-game basis -- just to keep you guessing (a little). The ones that move around are the most interesting ones (hint). Most anomalies give you money when you find them (one exception, see below).

You open KerbNet from a specific probe core (when you have communication connectivity). The probe core that you use sets the detection rate and max/default field of view of KerbNet. If the probe core says it has a detection rate of 50%, that means you can see half of the anomalies per day. At midnight, the set of anomalies that you can see will change. Anomalies show up as question marks on the KerbNet display. You are meant to mark the anomalies with custom waypoints, and then go visit them later.

The intent is for you to visit your ships in orbit multiple times over many days, and just take one quick look with KerbNet each time for new anomalies. It is not really intended for you to sit and stare at KerbNet for hours and hours in a polar orbit or something.

KerbNet scrolls from top to bottom in the direction that you are moving (surface relative). If you thrust to change your inclination, or burn retrograde to a stop -- then the scrolling direction of KerbNet will change a lot. So keeping track of N/S/E/W on the display takes some mental gymnastics.

KerbNet displays both the lat/lon of the center of the screen, and also the lat/lon and biome of a reticle on the display. You move the reticle like a cursor. The game makes up waypoint names as suggestions, but you can override them and type in text -- then click the Waypoint button to set a custom waypoint.

Caveats: The rovemate has a 100% detection rate, but has an extremely narrow field of view. If you take it up to a height where you can see a lot of terrain, then it will start to not display some anomalies. So it works best to look for anomalies from a nice high altitude with some other probe core, and then use the rovemate on your lander.

The anomaly question marks are fixed to a surface altitude of something like 7km or so. So if they move from the side of your display to the center, and you are at a lowish altitude, they will seem to move a bit compared to the surface.

The anomaly markers are intentionally offset from the actual anomaly by up to 2km. The marker for the monolith at KSC is the most offset of all of them.

On Kerbin, the DSN antennas are considered anomalies -- but you don't get any money for finding them. But there are a lot of them, and finding the real anomalies amongst the DSN stations is a bit of a PITA (needles in haystacks).


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