OD-200. Russian Military patrol-boat

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Once the Naval Masters update came to WarThunder, i had a bunch of new opportunities for replica projects, as tough i had a pretty good scope as far as bigger WWII warships go, i hadn't really done much research in the torpedo-boat/gun-boat sized category (partly due to interest, and partly cause their isn't as much info on those), so before this i didn't know of any specific boats.

The German M-class minesweeper, was probably my favorite from the smaller ships (smaller than destroyer class), so it was on top of my replication list, but i decided to start making a 3D printable model of it instead(yes, you will propably get to see it. Currently just has some plans made, but nothing modeled yet)...so, what to choose then. I happened to be sailing with Russian boats, so i taught one of them would make for a nice replica project.

The OD-200 won as my top choise as i taught it was nice to play with and looked like it would make for a pretty perfect replica project, interesting and simpler in shape.


For reference to build this, i took some screenshots in WarThunder and pretty much eye-balled everything, meaning it's a little off in certain areas. Unfortunately it didn't come across my mind to check that if there where any picks of the real boats around.

There are little, but they would have allowed me to nail the shape of the hull a little better. It also seems that the real boats had twin machine-guns on the forward turrets and not the single mounts found in WarThunder (also a gun-shield on the rear-gun).

Oh well, too late now.


As this is basically just a display model, there is not much t say build wise, other than that i decided to try and nail pretty much every detail.

So, a full interior is included. Of-course smaller details in the inside aren't included as i have no idea what they would look like or where they would be, and the forward compartment with the crew quarters is a "best guess" style situation based on whats inside similar sized American torpedo-boats.

I did plan on painting the thing, but didn't as i taught it would be nicer to show you a little better that what parts are used where...plus, it wouldn't have been very interesting.

I also did one crew member, but dropped it as mirroring on it was a bit wonky and posing was impossible.


Some more picks of the exterior and all the shots of the interior.



A close up of the heavier AA-gun. If i made this a working model, i would have likely placed a 30mm chain-gun to represent this gun, while 2 50.cal turrets would have represented the machine-guns.



One of the AA-machineguns. A seat and plenty of legroom included.





The bridge is the one i started the build with. It is the most detailed part the ship, as the X-ray view in warthunder tends to show the entire bridge with all it's glory for pretty much every ship.



The fly-bridge is where the replicated crew-man used to stand, before i removed it



In the rear you can see the steering-gears and fueltanks. Forward of that is the engine compartment, witch also has the pump and a small magazine for the rear AA-gun.



(heh, didn't even notice at first, but looks like this is a WIP shot, as it includes the removed crew-man and is missing the rear AA-gun. The reason i didn't notice it at first is because i removed hull parts all the time to get better picks of the interior)

Forward of the engine compartment is the main magazine that has ammo for every gun on the ship.



As i said above, the forward compartment with the crew area is a "best-guess" sort of situation. In the crew area is also the main radio station.


This served as my main point of reference for what is likely to be found on bow section of the boat.


As for reference for the rest of the boat, a bunch of screenshots taken in WarThunder.




A nice overall view of the rear to complete the set.



In feel a bit bad for never taking this out to water, but maby one day i might make a fully working version. Tough considering it has some slightly corrupted bits hanging inside it due to a bad crash, im a bit afraid things will escalate if it leaves the hangar.

Plus, tweackscale and water don't go together well...of-course unless you want to hover over the water, then its fantastic.


Technical specks:

Length: 33.5m

Width: 4.8m

Height: 11.8m

Mass: 49.45 tons

Parts: 722

Mod used: Tweakscale


And there it is for you, a showcase of another well detailed but non functional replica of WWII vintage. I hope you enjoyed taking a look at it :).

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3 hours ago, Mars-Bound Hokie said:

How long did it take you to build that?

Dunno about the hours that went to it, but it was a one day project. Started somewhere in the morning and finished it somewhere in the evening.

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On 1/25/2019 at 1:20 PM, kapteenipirk said:


omg look at those cute lil rounds in that clip thing up there!  That whole turret/gun assmebly is lovely.  All the little details are wonderful.

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19 minutes ago, klond said:

omg look at those cute lil rounds in that clip thing up there!  That whole turret/gun assmebly is lovely.  All the little details are wonderful.

Thanks :).

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