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[1.6] Jacke's KSP Science Checklists (20190306a)

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Looking to keep track of all those experiments you've got to run all over the Kerbol system?   Look no further.

Dropbox download


Corrections and suggestions are welcome!

I've adapted these checklists from the ones @JAFO created for KSP 1.4 and the many previous ones I've seen, especially from the late BTSM community.

My checklists are completely greyscale.  Darker greys are used for boxes not in use in stock KSP.  This allows them to be used when there are mods that change the biomes or which experiments are per-biome, like JoolBiomes and Science Revisited.



20190306a    Corrected release (fixed KSC Flying Low science to use correct 0.7 science instead of 0.4 from Spashed)

20190214b    Corrected release (fixed Laythe's Science Parameters)

20190214a    Corrected release (changed Kerbin's Flying Threshold from 25,000m to the correct 18,000m)

20190213a    Updated release with experiment Science totals and grand totals for each object as well as KSC

20190212a    Updated release with many corrections and improvements especially covering Kerbal Space Centre science

20190131a    Initial release

Edited by Jacke
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