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So today I built a delta iv heavy-like craft and sent a kerbal to eve's moon gilly. Where can you take it? (Download it, then show me!)

Delta IV (Heavy): https://kerbalx.com/JohnsterSpaceProgram/Delta-IV-Heavy

Here are some images of what I did with it:


Nothing in the fairings yet, lets put a gilly lander!


This should be succificient, its a ion engine/liquid fuel engine craft, with room for 1 kerbal


On the launchpad, ready to launch


After booster separation, when the central fuel tank is refilled


Many days later...

Approaching Eve Now



I prepared to do the Eve Orbit Insertion Burn, which is shown below


And lastly, here are some images of gilly after arriving at it




What can you do with it, post images or tell me below!

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