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Mach FiveFive


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Plane capable of Mach 5.5 speed at 20000m, it can do an aerial circumnavigation of Kerbin in about 40 minutes. 
It works fine with the stock heat mechanic.

1 - Toggle landing gear steering



Cruise Altitude and Speed




Circumnavigation complete!




Still pretty hot after a full circumnavigation...



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27 minutes ago, Mars-Bound Hokie said:

You could try adding the pictures individually in a specific order. Impressive flight time, by the way.


One question: how did you get the craft to not catch fire?

I've done this way, thanks!

Anyway, I've noticed that the fairing and a structural tube are a great insulator for the rest of the plane, I think that this should also works with an inline cockpit instead of the Mk1 Crew Cabin, I will try it in the next days

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