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Pitch control not working/weird save file behavior



Hi all, I've encountered a really strange bug. When I try to pitch up or down, the game seems to fight me - after a few moments of pressing the pitch key I see the pitch meter suddenly reverse direction and go to the other extreme, and I can't pitch up/down anymore because the ship goes back the other way. Weirdly enough, the yaw and roll controls behave normally. Things I've tested:


This happens with SAS on or off

If I turn off the reaction wheels/rcs, the pitch meter still behaves the same though no rotation happens

It happens both in the atmosphere and in orbit

If I use an old ship that's already in orbit, it doesn't have this problem. The bug seems to only apply to new vessels I launch. Previously on this save I have had no issues.

Saving/reloading doesn't fix it, nor does restarting ksp, or switching vessels or time acceleration.

As best as I can’t tell, this isn’t an issue of trim being accidentally set as alt+x doesn’t fix it.


Has anyone encountered a bug like this before/know of some ways I might try to fix it? This is pretty gamebreaking if I can't find a fix. I'm on 1.5.1. I've been on this save for a while, and I haven't installed any new mods for quite some time and haven't had an issue until now.


EDIT: I've since tried starting a new save, and reverting to previous saves from long before this problem started. The bug was present in all saves, so this seems to be a persistent problem with my copy of KSP. I also made a recording of the bug in action, linked below. What you see is me holding the pitch up key, and as you can see the input oscillates back and forth. Then I stop pressing pitch, turn off SAS, and show it still happening. Then I show that this problem does not occur in the yaw or roll directions. Any help would be appreciated!



EDIT 2: Something really strange is going on here. After reinstalling KSP and then installing mods one by one and not finding one that broke it, I found a workaround. If I log into a different save file (a sandbox file I made for testing the bug) than the one I'm playing right after booting up KSP, I can then load the main save file and have no issues. However, if I load the main file first, the bug occurs. Further, if I switch to the sandbox file, the bug occurs in that one too. It's almost like the bugged file corrupts the clean one and the clean one cleanses the bugged one. Everything seems to work if I do this extra step, which is fine I suppose, but does anyone have any insight on why this might be happening and how I might come up with a permanent fix?

In a (probably) unrelated note, kerbal engineer seems to have broken to be always on even when I don't have an engineer or the part installed (I have the mod set to career). This is whatever, and is probably not related, but I don't think it did this before the bug.

Mods I have installed, all through ckan I believe save for docking port alignment indicator:


Click Through Blockers

B9 Aerospace

Community Category Kit

Community Resource Pack

Deadly Reentry

Distant Object Enhancement

Environmental Visual Enhancements





Kerbal Engineer Redux

Modular Flight Integrator

Docking Port Alignment Indicator

Raster Prop Monitor

Kerbal Planetary Base Systems

Precise Node

Sci Fi Visual Enhancements


Kerbal Alarm Clock

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