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I don’t (currently) have the skills to create such a mod, but would it be theoretically possible to lock the additional launch sites and ground communication stations behind missions?

 I like having to earn things, and I would love to be able to pursue a mission series about discovering neglected facilities, refurbishing them, and then have missions that require the player to launch or land from the alternate sites.  As for the ground communication sites, I feel that it would be rewarding if the player could open the sites gradually by exploring and funding their refurbishment and upgrades instead of them being simply on or off. 

Would the game support such a mod? Would anyone besides me be interested in playing that way?  Thanks in advance for any advice or discussion. 

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If you can stick to some self imposed rules, try using the Contract Configurator Mod, with the Anomaly pack, You can follow the steps it lays out to locate the anomalies, and then only use them when you've discovered them.   You can RP the discovery of any of the other sites as you wish. 

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