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Everything going black except my GUI and air effects


Heres a pic of it happening: https://imgur.com/a/yU6BGBA

It seems to happen whenever my rocket runs out of fuel if that tells you anything, and stops when I deploy parachutes 

PC specs: https://uploadfiles.io/c6at9

Output Log: https://uploadfiles.io/svdj3

I've already tried updating my drivers, reinstalling KSP, and verifying the vile integrity through steam. I'm out of options.

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Welcome to the forum :)

12 hours ago, AnimeNationalist said:

The log only shows the  loading process of the game until you've reached the mainmenu, which isn't very useful in this case. Please recreate the issue and upload a new log afterwards,  so we can actually see what happens while the issue occures.

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