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Broken Craft after Mod Changeover


I have a career that I recently switched over from Kerbalism to USI (which necessitated uninstalling one mod and installing I dunno... 15-20 others that USI required).

Since this change, aside from the expected (craft files complaining about missing modules), and a few crafts that got deleted because of missing parts (which I'm fine with and can replace), I'm having one very specific odd issue.

In a command module in any craft loaded from a file, I cannot click the Reaction Wheels button reliably to change its mode from Normal to Pilot Only and then to SAS Only. Sometimes it does work, sometimes it doesn't, but even when it works, it doesn't update the display in the context-menu for the craft. I.e. I have to click it, click somewhere else, and right-click the command module again to see if it worked.

Even in the same part, if I launch a brand-new one, it works fine. Only loaded craft files that once complained about missing modules have this issue. Which would be fine... I can always just redesign the craft -- and do for most missions anyway. But this particular design is a very complicated and finely tuned rover I put probably 5 hours into, and I'd really rather not have to scrap it and rebuild it.

Any ideas of what in the craft file might be causing this?

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I'd guess it's some lingering effects of Kerbalism. You should try comparing a newly created craft file against one of your old craft files to see what's changed. I use a tool Beyond Compare to make side by side comparisons easier https://www.scootersoftware.com/ 

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