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Very strange invisible-ish square


I've been experiencing a strange issue recently, an invisible square that clips over RP plumes and causes them to become invisible that is always present in flight view, eventually once I reach space the engine plumes disappear entirely. It's pretty distracting, I'm hoping that it's a known issue that I can easily solve without having to uninstall and reinstall every single mod. I suspect it has something to do with Scatterer and RP, and perhaps Sigma Dimensions.

Plumes of Beale's lovely Tantares acting weird:





Gamedata folder:


EDIT: Resolved the issue by reinstalling Scatterer... probably should've done just that before making this thread. Darn, where's the "Delete post" button when you need it?

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TL;DR: Yeah I was gonna say scatterer.

I was going to not post, but I wanted to point out that you have a lot of mods my sir, and chances are you won't get help with this except for being told it's because of one of the mods.

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