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RSS/RO installation help?


This is one of the most tough modding experiences I've had. When installing via CKAN RSS and RO it often became stuck at loading screen, after hours of downloading different versions of Kopernicus's, RSS's, RO's, Module Manager's etc, trying manual and CKAN installation methods, I got to work these two properly in my 1.5.1, but it is still buggy (e.g. missing chutes, even though they are unlocked at the very first node). I'm not even talking about installing additional part mods.

What KSP version would you recommend for these mods?

Do anybody here has their "RSS setup" so they can just delete all the mods, copy and paste it in GameData and have fun with realism without messing up with all that stuff? I'd like to have something like that.

Anything that can help me in that situation?


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TL;DR: Just use 1.3.1

I have indeed gotten RSS to work on versions higher than 1.4, but anything higher than 1.4 I've had to manually edit the coding and de-compile, etc.

RSS doesn't like to work on anything higher 1.3.1, and requires a lot of work to use. Just use 1.3.1. It's so much easier. If it doesn't work then, I'd suggest watching a video tutorial.


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