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Your profile picture must fight the profile picture of the user above you. Who would win?

Ultimate Steve

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As the title says:

You have to provide  a description of what your profile picture is in case someone doesn't know what it is. You may also describe how you would win or how you would lose.


User 1 - I have a pineapple.

User 2 - I have a bundle of pencils, which would stab the pineapple.

User 3 - I have a star which would vaporize the pencils.


It may also be a stalemate.


To start, I have Apollo 8. There is no user above me so I would win by default!

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*akward silence*

Well, your mega charizard x is no match FOR ME!

It’s my player avatar in the game Starboard. I have admin tools and shred everything that is unfortunate enough to cross my path.


Edited by Fraston
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Well...i can, my profile pic literally means Simon The Digger, who's capable of altering fundamental rules of reality using his thoughts, even transforming counts if he wish, shortly, Simon is Omnipotent.

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well... *light bulb* aha... nope... WAIT!... *sigh* nope not it...
nope cant think my way out of this one


*hides inside the walls and waits for impending doom* wait no that not what the survey corps does *proceds to lead a suicide charge against the nukes*


Edited by guesswho2778
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Those launch clamps look awfully flimsy...

Fraston kicks down the clamps and the spacecraft falls over like a metal tree.


Fraston’s strength increases: 666 > 1337

53miner53’s strength decreases: 5 > 3

53miner53 is HURT!

53miner53 morale decreases: 6 > 2

Fraston’s morale increases: 4 > 5

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So you play Roblox too...Ever heard of R2DA? I´m a crab mount, Though for the sake of this battle im a Sand Crab. I bounce on you dealing 10 Damage AND Tripping you every time I hit you. Also most of the time I come in numbers. Yeah, Your doomed. You can´t arrest a crab!

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