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37 (-)

i was running 1.3.1 before steam decided to update it to 1.7 (or whatever we are up to right now) murdering all my saves and making my perfect selection of mods not work. for me at least, it was a good mix of "high" fps and extra parts/features

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39 (+)

Currently 1.7.1.


I actually very very very very very very very very very very hate to say this but...


tbh I downloaded a torrent copy of KSP. Hence an illegally free copy and jumping between versions that I skipped most of them. 1.1 then 1.5.1 then 1.7.1. I really wished my parents can tolerate biying me a copy of legit Steam KSP. I mean, <RM100 game. Monopoly - Electronic Banking costs a lot higher than a game (Yes, I once asked for that board game) that physically doesn't consume a lot of space in your house. Just virtual space is filled up.


[I think I should nagging about my parents anyway. They more or less took care of me and they're the one who made me continue to live today.

But in the end I'll need to get money on my own eventually.

So may I sign up for Patreon today?

I would also need to get a better rig too. HP Pavilion Gaming 15t should do it for me.


And in need of getting 50+ mods to wprk with the version.

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