[1.9.x] Memorial Wall - XCom Style Memorial Wall for your fallen Kerbals (19/02/2020)

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So, I got a feature request on Earn Your Stripes to add the number of hours a kerbal has logged to the UI. One thing led to another, and I thought "hey, wouldn't it be cool if kerbals had a little log of their accomplishments when they died". So naturally, this is where you come in.

What it does

Simple - it displays a dead kerbals vital statistics (number of flights, hours logged, and number of world firsts) in the "Lost" tab of the Astronaut Complex. Note that this will NOT be updated for "Missing" kerbals because they are coming back soon anyway. This is for Kerbals who have given their lives in the line of duty.


Requires FlightTracker to do the actual tracking and won't load without it.

License: MIT



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Memorial Wall Released

  • Updated for Flight Tracker 3.0 (Don't try and use 2.0 it will break)

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5 minutes ago, RotorFib said:

Is there a way to have this information show on all Kerbals and not just dead ones?

There's no reason the code couldn't be modified to also show it for alive Kerbals in another mod if that's what you mean, it's literally just changing one word in the code.

If it's a feature request, then the answer is no I'm afraid - There are already 3 different mods (4 if you count Earn Your Stripes) - 2/3 of which are mine that I know of who try to override the Astronaut Complex UI, and the balance is precarious enough as it is.

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