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[1.6.1] The Thalassa System

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Download on Spacedock here (Only dependency is Kopernicus): https://spacedock.info/mod/2097/Thalassa System

The Thalassa System mod adds in a small ringed purple gas planet between Duna and Dres. It has 4 moons and one moonlet.

Pics so people click: https://imgur.com/gallery/9N1QZGe

The Planets and Moons


Thalassa is a smallish purple gas planet featuring tilted rings, a volatile atmosphere and many strange moons! It is around a third the size of Jool.


Mof is the innermost moon of Thalassa, orbiting just outside Thalassa's rings. It most likely formed from the matter in the rings and provides some spectacular views of Thalassa, Spimm and Letinic.


Spimm is an oblate potato-looking planet which rotates very fast and has a rather nice orange coloration.


Letinic, the largest moon in this pack, is a pleasant, slightly greenish place with some rather large craters.


Named after the first word said by a famous astronomer upon discovering this highly dense rock, Wot is a moon, of a moon! It appears to be responsible for the jagged terrain on it's parent, Letinic, and it's orbit should be impossible! However, Wot does not care about the laws of physics and continues to stay stupidly close to Letinic anyway.


Doth appears to be an apatite-rich captured comet from interstellar space that is believed to have been captured around Thalassa by a fortunate encounter with Spimm, also speeding up Spimm's rotation at the same time. Who knows what secrets (or maybe snacks!) this little body holds?

License is MIT

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I made some ribbons for your mod to go with the final frontier mod, they're not the best quality becouse i couldn't find any "pattern images" for each individual category, so i had to use the magic wand tool to "carve them out", still should be better than having no ribbons:


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