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How Do You Use Kerbal Konstructs?

Rover 6428

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32 minutes ago, Rover 6428 said:

Please could you explain me how to use Kerbal Konstructs and how to build bases with it. I have KK and Kerbin Side installed, but I don't know how to use them.

@NHunter please help if you can too.

AFAIR, you need a crewed ship landed close to location where you want to create ... something via KK.

you press Ctrl + K to bring up KK's place object interface. You then need to place a group somewhere  if one isn't present. This group will contain all KK (e.g. LaunchPad building) statics you will place then.

Once you have a group selected, you can start placing statics. You select a static from the list KK gives to you and it drag into location you want it to be in. You can fine-tune location and set rotations with the static's params interface. For statics that can be used to spawn crafts, you click - IIRC "Make Launchsite" - button on that interface and set your new launchpad's name, default camera orientation, limits a spawned craft must adhere to, etc. Don't forget to save these properties.

Once you're done, save your new base.

If you set everything up correctly, your new launchpads should become selectable via KK menu when inside VAB/SPH.

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Moving to Add-on Discussions.

Though it's worth noting that if you have a question about a particular mod, the best place to ask is usually in that mod's release thread, since that's where all its expert users (and the author) tend to hang out.  ;)

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31 minutes ago, Kerbal-fan said:

how do you delete stuff ????

Once you are in the editor. You can select the Group, or individual instances within the group and there is a delete option for them on their dialog box.

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