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[1.12.3] Restock - Revamping KSP's art (Feb 25)


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26 minutes ago, Sticky3002 said:

Seems fine by me. Just remove the "answered rudely and sarcastically or ridiculed" part and it's perfect. :wink:

Take your time with it :D

Nah. It’s beautiful. This way even sudden outbursts are covered with a big old “I told you so.” :D 

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1 hour ago, Challyss said:

@Nertea Hi. Great job on the last updates.

I have a suggestion for the next update. A ring (similar to decouplers) with a fairing capability. 

Hi, take a look at Decoupler Shroud, that adds literally what you want. A very underrated thing. Works fine with restock of course.

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6 hours ago, Poodmund said:

The group of contributors for the ReStock content are not paid professionals, ergo, can say whatever the heck they want to.


Dem dere's fighting words, toady.  No one can sling incomprehensible insults like me, so you'd better watch your back, Nematoad.

I don't know about you, but I am totally professional.  I just lost all my paychecks in the mail.  Someday I'm going to get a new video card...

Seriously, do take your time.  Your mod may be the one holding me to 1.9.1 at the moment, but I love your attention to detail and I get that it doesn't come overnight.  Quality can't be rushed, even with money, honestly.  Some publishers could use a lesson there /OT.

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7 hours ago, Sticky3002 said:

Ya I get it, it's just a tad bit unprofessional.

Sure, but I mean, let's just be clear - the sheer amount of abuse and general tomfoolery I get over the speed of updates to this project (here, reddit, even my linkedin messages of all places!) is pretty unwarranted, so you'll excuse me if I sound a little harsh. 

I think the team goes out of our way to try to communicate what's going on in the project, and to illustrate the roadblocks that we're facing so the userbase knows what is going on. In addition, our GitHub page tracks all the work we're doing at a fairly high resolution and we keep it well updated (why, I made updates just a few minutes ago!). There are even progress bars! 

But enough of that, it's going to be done when it's done. 

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Folks, wouldn't it be easier to answer questions about updates than to write up and post a complaint about update questions? It would certainly be more pleasant than leaving angry posts for others to have to read through to find the actual thread content. And we were all forum newbies at some point. Please try to greet those people the way you yourself would like to have been greeted. 

Some posts have been removed. 

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On 7/29/2020 at 3:05 PM, Artemis17 said:

Hello is the update for 1.10.1 released ?


Looking at the title of the thread seems to indicate the answer is no:

[1.9.x - NO 1.10.x!] Restock - Revamping KSP's art (not compatible with 1.10!)

The " ...NO 1.10.x!.." portion of the title seems to indicate any updates of the mod to the KSP 1.10.x branch are not released. You see, the 'x' is a place holder for any given number, kinda like a '*'. Hence, I would interpret it that the mood is not ready for 1.10 or any subsequent patches of 1.10 (wether it be a .1, .2, etc).


I would assume, if the artists and developers do make a update, they would update the original post and title to let us know. I would suggest in the interim to remain patient. I too am excited for any possible updates, but often mods are written and developed in people's spare time and thus, dependant on the interjections of life and responsibility.


I hope this is helpful to you.

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We are tracking a horrible annoying issue where the colliders that we imported from the game aren't interpreted correctly. This is intermittent; it does not affect all parts, and there is only a slight angular difference to surface attached parts. 

See here: hard to see:


But clearer here. 



There are no symptoms that are visible while modeling - only ingame, so we need players' help to track these down to fix. If you notice any of this, don't post here, it will get lost. 

Instead, post on Github, where we are tracking a master list of all affected parts. 

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47 minutes ago, theonegalen said:

I never used to care how my rockets looked until I installed Restock last year. Now, having to play without it burns my eyes.

Thanks for all your work, Restock team.

Ain't that the truth.

Nertea, I know your users can be demanding sometimes, but never doubt your teams work is appreciated.  It is.

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