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The Plod System [1.7.3]


I would highly recommend this review of the mod by KottabosGames. If you're reading this KottabosGames thanks again! 

What does this mod add?

The Plod System adds a binary Sedna analogue dwarf planet to the far solar system.

  • Plod: An icy, green dwarf planet with massive craters and looming mountains. Its orbit is giant and elliptical. Many blame Jool... or could it have been another hidden planet?
    • Oob: Plod's binary companion, orbiting so close to Plod that orbiting in low-Plod-orbit is a necessity. Giant ice spikes jut into the world's horizon, segmenting the world's smoother, purpler terrain.
    • Ninkle: A dark bluish-purple world that orbits Plod with minimal gravity. Its lowlands contrast nicely with exposed green under-ice, hinting at its past and formation.
    • Tebos: A smooth, small world with a bright lump on one side. It is navy blue in appearance, with exposed yellow-brown under-ice and a tall, white mound on the side of the world, which the moon's tiny gravity could not conform.
    • Lia: The oddball. This moon is though to have had severe out gassing and plumage in its early years. The surface is pink, and covered almost everywhere with sharp, spikey terrain. Fear not however, the moon's minuscule gravity makes the spikes much less dangerous than they could have been.


(more to come shortly)




  • Kopernicus
  • Time warp mod (technically not required but Plod is like very VERY far away so it may be worth getting one to save time.)

https://spacedock.info/mod/2033/The Plod System

All rights reserved

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1 minute ago, Shawn Kerman said:

how does this mod only have to replies, and does plod 2 have a forum?

This mod never had a development thread dedicated to it so there isn't much to discuss now that it's done. 

As for Plod II, it's the ugly duckling of the planet mods I've released.

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