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While i was searching for a 3D papermodel of a French tank i remembered, i came across something so crazy and insane i had to give it a go in KSP. I remembered i would find the model in Peri paperhobby. When i went there, the first thing i was greeted to was...


...This, a beatiful illustartion of a fictional blend between a Japanise aircraft carrier and a Russian Ekranoplan.


The guy at Peri Paperhobby who found this illustration made by Peter6409 In turned it into a cardmodel. But i was going to create a KSP version of it.


Yeah, kinda leaves all those carriers and sea-planes i made to shame doesn't be honest, i think it might just leave just about anything to shame, if it works of-course.

It was basically the perfect opportunity to do another one of those insane builds again. And as far as insane goes, it will likely remain as the most crazy build i have ever done for a LOOOONG time, maby even forever.


Now, when i started this project i was determined to do it properly, no small scale lookalikes, it had to be a full sized carrier. So, is started by building a Shokaku lookalike that i would be able to turn into a proper carrier, and then saved that under a different name and then slapped on all the plane bits to make the flying version of it.


And here is the result of that


(with a large carrier-plane on deck to give you a sense of scale)


Here are some more screenshots of the first and only flight and a little more explanation.



Had to put" no crash damage" and "unbreakable joints" on as the thing would explode on the runway every-time, prob due to the runway exploding every-time.



Yes, the hill behind the runway is now the launch ramp for this monster.



The sky-carrier is quite maneuverable.



A nice side view.



I was going at about 120 m/s when i landed and sadly lost both of the floats. But no worries, we don't need floats.



Then i had to wait like one and a half hours to wait for it to stop completely (pretty-much zero water resistance due to all the tweak-scaled parts and no reverse engines)



Time to test our new retro-future carrier aircraft.



Nailed the landing on the first try (the lag made it easier as it gave more time to think and react).



The aircraft has somewhat slow acceleration, but i was able to make it.



Unfortunately i was able to takeoff from water only through halving the gravity via the cheats menu.


After that, i tried to do some juggling between the carrier and the carrier-plane that just ended up with both nosediving into the water (can't use SAS on the carrier or else it wobbles, so it needed constant attention)



Technical specks:

Length: 315.4m

wingspan: 338.6m

Height: 65.6m

Mass: 30,776.870 tons

Parts: 880

Mod used: Tweakscale and BD-armory (for no real reason)


NOTE:  I know i know, your probably wondering about that carrier-plane...well, don't worry, it will be released as a bonus with the massive navy-aircraft pack im working on. So, you'll get all the details on it then.


And there it is for you, another one of my more insane just for the fun of it projects. I hope you enjoyed taking a look at it

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 It's an Ekrano-carrier!  

 Poor runway.  880 parts ain't too terrible tho.

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