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This is gonna be a little series I came up with, but it will not include images, because some of the things that I hope to get to are way too advanced for me to play as a player and for my dang old computer to handle. While this series will mostly be following the views of Jeb, Bob and Bill may make occasional entries into the journals. Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

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Prologue Part 1: 0 Jool 16 - Kerbal Rocket and Aeronautical Sciences Headquarters - Experimental Division (K.R.A.S.H.E.D)

Call me Jebediah. You can also call me Jeb. Anyways, some rocket scientist from the second floor (Verner? Wherner? Werner? Wernher? Something like that) came yelling down the stairs that he had found it. Whatever he found, Gene seemed pretty excited about, which let me off the hook for my latest tower buzz at nearly Mach 1. Gene's also called a meeting of all the pilots, plus a couple of the board members, scientists, and some engineers. The meeting's tomorrow, so that gives me some time to speculate. The last time Gene called a general meeting of all the pilots was when they discovered some moon around Jool (Pob? Blob? Bop? yeah that's it!), so we know its going to be something big. Anyways, I personally think they might have found another moon or maybe another planet (which would be awesome!) to tell us about, or to remind us why the rocket division is still experimental, which is a much more somber thought. Last time we had a reminder meeting, the news was that a close friend of mine, Jackson Kerman, had been killed when his experimental rocket afterburner exploded in-flight and he wasn't able to eject. I hope its not another of those meetings. I need to get some sleep, maybe chat with Bill, Bob, and Val tomorrow. Jebediah Kerman, Log Entry (J9-47), signing off.


Prologue Part 2: 0 Jool 17 - K.R.A.S.H.E.D. - T-126 Days to Arc 1

Man. This is big. And by big, I mean BIIIG! Even Bob, the normally stoic engineer, is actually excited about this! So the scientist guy I mentioned yesterday, Wernher Von Kerman? He discovered a way to control gunpowder, which means when its funneled through an engine, WE HAVE FIRE AND FLAMES!!! Which means that our rocket division may get off the ground, if you'll forgive the pun. That means that Val and I get to start training while the engine is run through its paces. We have exactly 126 days to launch day, which is gonna be the first day of the new year, probably by no coincidence. I guess by launch on Y1, D001 they're trying to both literally and figuratively turn over a new leaf. AnyJWKkdfhoiwFKJ WHAT WAS THAT!!!! I just looked out my window and saw... I don't even know! Wait... of course! That was the first engine te... (*faint explosion*) oh. Well, it lasted for a while before it exploded. I guess that's why they test these things on the ground first. I hope they get that figured out fast. Anyways, I'll also be starting new Journals (Journal J10 and J11) to log the missions and my downtime. I think Bob and Bill should fill in when I'm not at HQ. I'm trying to remember what the engine was called... the "Flee" maybe? *offscreen facepalm* Nope. It's the Flea, not the Flee, you dingus! Bob, out! Thanks, I guess. That makes more sense. Anyways, the mission plan is to stick one of the pilots in a little can on top of the booster with a parachute. I think Scott or Jim might fly first, maybe Val. Not me, that's for sure. I fly experimental JETS, not dangerous rockets. The mission has been named Arc 1, I think due to the shape of its launch curve. Not 100% sure, but I think we should be getting a crew announcement around D400, which means that the (lucky?) Kerbal chosen gets just 26 days to prepare for launch. If Jeff is chosen for some reason, it might take them all 26 days to stuff him in there because he's so fat... that was mean. But true. Anyways, I'll be back in 99 days to log the choosing ceremony. Jebediah Kerman, Log Entry (J9-48), signing off.

(J9-48-i) - I need to get revenge on Gene for yesterday... Mach 1.5 tower buzz coming right up!



Authors Note: Any and all feedback would be appreciated! I've also hidden two references (one to a forum user, the other to a legendary KSP Tuber) in the second prologue! Hope someone can find it, but it shouldn't be too hard!

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Added J9-48-i and got Wernher's name right; also changed dates as part of overhaul
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Prologue Part 3: 0 Eeloo 45 - K.R.A.S.H.E.D. Main Auditorium - T-26 Days to Arc 1 & 2

I'm in complete and utter shock. Wernher, the new head of the rocket science division announced that four of the pilots have been chosen for the first four missions... what order is not yet determined. The four are Jim, Scott, Valentina... and me. ME!!!! Oh, and Bill and Bob also got reassigned to the rocket division for later multi-kerbal missions. They also announced that two missions would be flown on Moho 1, Arc 1 & 2, so DOUBLE SCIENCE!! After that, there's an experimental engine with nearly twice the amount of fuel the "Flea" has, BILL WHAT'S THE NEW ENGINE NAMED??


Oh... the Hammer. That will constitute launches Arc 3 & 4, and then some kind of other engine should take us out of Kerbin's atmosphere! But that engine won't be ready until 1 Duna 8 at the earliest... so we have a while to wait. Anyways, this opens Journal J10-Alpha. This is Jebediah Kerman, Log Entry (J10-Alpha-01), signing off.


Authors Note: LAST PROLOGUE CHAPTER!!! Again, the same two references from the second chapter are in here, so if anyone can find them and point them out I'd be very much obliged!

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grammar sucks... changed dates
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Chapter 1: Riding on a Column of Smoke and FIRE: 1 Moho 1 - K.R.A.S.H.E.D - T+45 Minutes After Arc 1, T-30 Minutes to Arc 2

Oh man... how I wish I could be in one of those rockets... alas, I was not chosen for a Flea Flight. However, that does mean that I'll get one of the better Hammer Hops, so there is that! Jim got chosen for Arc 1, and he had a helluva time until the booster shut off halfway into the flight, and he had to BAIL OUT of the craft!!! I guess this is why they gave us parachutes... 

Anyways, Val is getting ready to get in her cockpit command pod for her flight, and they've double checked her booster to make sure she doesn't have to bail... if she has to bail, then Scott and I will both be reassigned to more Flea Flights, and then Jim and Val will be getting Hammer Hops assuming the same doesn't happen to them. I am praying to all the gods I know of to protect Val on her flight, but more importantly her booster. We haven't even had a chance to test the landing capabilities of the booster or the capsule yet because Jim's exploded mid-flight! Oh man... I'm honestly a little glad I'm not one of the two Flea Flyers... Anyways... I'm signing off for now, Gene wants something. This is Jebediah Kerman, Log Entry (J10-Alpha-02), signing off.

*end J10-Alpha-02. begin J10-Alpha-2a*

K.R.A.S.H.E.D. Launchpad 1a Viewing Area - T-5 Minutes to Arc Flea Flight 2

Oh. Man. This is the first time I'm getting to see the launch in person, because I was CAPCOM for Jim's flight... good luck, Scott! Anyways, what Gene was asking me to do turned out to be to sit in the front and answer all the reporters' questions. Turns out, the media guys have some really GOOD questions! Like the ISP, how much dV, even the TWR! I actually had to message Bob to come out here and help me with some of the more technical questions. *T-4 Minutes and Counting to Arc 2* Roger, Scott. Thanks for the update! Anyways, because I'm now technically a part of the media team here at K.R.A.S.H.E.D., it means that I get to be UP IN THE FRONT VIEWING SECTION!!! BEST VIEW IN THE HOUSE!!! *ahem* I mean... it involves me getting to be up close and personal with the second Flea Flight (we also have been able to transfer the unofficial name to the media... yesss) and observe the flight carefully... I'll be back for the launch. Temporarily signing off, Jebediah Kerman Log Entry (J10-Alpha-2a)

*begin J10-Alpha-2b*

K.R.A.S.H.E.D. Launchpad 1a Viewing Area - T-30 Seconds to Arc 2

THIS IS IT. The last 30 seconds before launch. I'm so tensed up right now that I think if someone poked me, I might explode! Okay, maybe not, but I'm still really tense. We're at the end of the countdown *Europe's Final Countdown begins to play* Oh dang... here we go! *T-15 Seconds...* oooooh... *T-10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, IGNITION!! WE HAVE INGITION OF (drowned out by roar from bottom of booster, followed by rise of rocket and cool smoke trail) I REPEAT, WE HAVE LIFTOFF OF ARC 2!!!* OHMYGOSHTHATWASAMAZING!!!! *crosses fingers* pleasedontexplodepleasedontexplode *We have burnout!* (smoke trail cuts off, as does loud roar) *cheering* wait... where's the parachute?? Oh no... *chute deploys* oh yes!! HAMMER HOP FOR THIS GUY AND DRINKS ALL AROUND!!! *more cheering about free drinks* Now that's a Flea Flight! Alright media people, any questions before I go get my champagne?

(media guy in the back): What's next for K.R.A.S.H.E.D. after the success of this flight? 

Next up, we have a couple of flights on a much bigger booster. It's twice the size, about twice the cost, and more than twice as awesome. It's called the Hammer, and the flights on it are scheduled for 1 Eve 14.

(same media guy): I thought the hammer wasn't supposed to be ready until 1 Eve 49 at the earliest?

We got a good contract with C9 Aerospace to speed up production time. Hammer Hop 1 is scheduled for 1 Eve 14 and Hammer Hop 2 is scheduled for 1 Eve 16. Anything else? *silence* No? Alright then, I will go grab the champagne, and then let's CELEBRATE! *a lot more cheering*

*end J10-Alpha-2b*


Unofficial afternote: Val did end up landing a little bit hard, but the Flea was recovered intact


Author's Note: Not sure how I got this far this quickly, but @Salmon offered to begin the editing process for the series. A warm welcome is needed for the second member of the team (after myself)!

Edited by Kerballing (Got Dunked On)
fixed grammar and afternote, and added Author's Note; changed dates (see author's note, chapter 3 for more on dates)
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After a bit of a wait, here it is! No, not Chapter 2, just Supplemental Chapter 1!

Chapter 1 Supplement: Statistical Overview Arc 1/Arc 2, as told by Bill: 1 Moho 25

*supplemental log entry BI5-26-alpha*

Good evening everyone! Bill Kerman here. We here at the Engineering Department have been absorbing the kilobytes of data (Bob Here! All Those bits, bytes and kilos have been a gracious gift from the science department!) from a total of just under 14 seconds of flight; the full 8.8 seconds of Valentina’s launch, and 5.1 seconds from Jim’s. We also tracked down the problem from Jim’s flight to an issue in the engine bell that was caused by an improperly insulated wire, which melted in the heat of the launch. We’ve also been adding the data returned from the flight to the Hammer, and we should be able to get about 24 seconds of flight from the Hammer. They’ve also announced a third Hammer Hop (Arc 5) due to launch on the NEW PAD 1B!!! AHHH SO EXCITED!! *ahem* The new Hammer booster will use a better fuel (Ammonium Peklorate Komposite Propellant), called APKP, or more commonly known as just SolidFuel.  Other than that, I could go ranting on about the stuff we collected from the flights for a couple of hours, but I won’t make you all listen to that. It’s pretty long and kinda boring to anyone outside the engineering building. Anyway… there are also rumors of some new kind of engine, called the “EX-L1 Swivel” that’s in development for the flights after the Hammer Hops. Not sure what it is, as those of us who just got transferred over to the division don’t have high enough clearance yet, but it’s supposed to be kinda big compared to the Flea and the Hammer. It is rumored to be some kinda liquid fueled rocket engine, but we haven’t seen anything with liquid fuel yet, and the first three tests of a liquid fuelled booster have ended in catastrophe, with all three exploding (the last one was particularly spectacular). If they ever can get it to work, at least two of the pilots have said they’ll eat their own helmets. Not sure if they’ll actually do that, but it would be funny. I’m also sure that Jeb would document it either way. Actually, thinking back on it, Jeb might have been one of the guys who said he would eat his helmet… nah. He’s not that cra-- never mind… pretty sure I just heard him buzzing the R&D buildings. He’s about to get so chewed out! Man… Gene is going to be so ticked off. I also have some confidential information that “accidentally” got leaked (and by leaked, I mean placed on my desk)!! It’s gonna be Jeb with the first Hammer Hop, Scott’s got the second one, and some new kid named Keryan will be flying the third. He’ll be so excited when he hears that he’s gotten a flight, but I think he’s only got about 15 flight hours... should be interesting! I haven’t seen him fly yet, but some of the scientist guys are saying that he’s almost as good as Jeb, but not even anywhere close to as reckless. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not, but either way it’ll be interesting. I really can’t wait to see the new pad though. It should be great! Man, I gotta stop rambling on like this. Bill Kerman, Log Entry (BI5-26-alpha), signing off.

Author's Note: Again, no one has figured out those references, not even @Salmon! I sure hope one of you figures it out soon... (Correction: @Salmon did actually find the references. I'm trusting he won't post them until some one else finds them.)

Editor's Note: (This was all I could procure from @Salmon) I hope you enjoy it!

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Chapter 2- “Fired UP”: K.R.A.S.H.E.D. Launchpad 1A - Hammer Test 1, 1 Moho 40 (T-45 Days to Arc 3, -46 Days to Arc 4, and -47 Days to Arc 5, ~80-150 Days to Bluestone 1)

Well, it appears that the news has leaked about the crews for the next Arc missions, and Keryan about hit the Mün when he found out he was going on one of the “first five” missions, but that was only the beginning. The next leak was far greater in order of magnitude! Remember that EX-L1 Swivel engine Bill was talking about? Turns out they’ve also prepared a radially-attached decoupler (similar to the horizontal one we’re using for the Hammer Hops due to the higher altitude) to attach either a Flea or a Hammer to it and make it go even higher. If that works… well, I’m already eating my helmet if it does start working before my flight. They’ve set a tentative date, D140, but more likely than not it will end up being about D120 at the earliest or D190 at the latest. Anyway, the plan is for that mission to go suborbital, just barely poking out of Kerbin’s atmosphere. There are currently plans for 3 of these missions before we hit the Merkury phase; moar boosters, moar struts, moar thrust, and (maybe) moar Kerbals per flight, but that isn’t too likely with the cost of developing a new capsule, although if that is the case, then I want to fly with Valentina. Hopefully she doesn’t catch wind of this, but I think she’s really cute, not to mention she’s smart, pretty funny, and isn’t afraid of taking risks. But I’m talking about things beyond my control, and right now is the first Hammer test, about 300m away. It should burn for about 25 seconds, and we should be able to feel it. *10, 9, 8, 7, 6…* Oh man… *5, 4, 3, 2, 1… IGNI--*violent roar begins emitting from testing stand* WOAH!!!! I CAN FEEL THE GROUND SHAKING!!!! *Shutdown in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… and successful booster shutdown. I repeat, test was a success!* Wow. That was something else right there! I think I’m still shak- *eep* *quieter* Oh man… there she is. Val… but who am I kidding, she’s probably already dating and what would she want with a guy who hasn’t flown yet? But, perhaps there’s a chance… no. The chances of her dating me? None. She’d laugh at me. For now, I’m keeping it to myself. Besides, she’s not shaking and if she saw me trying to talk to her in my current condition, I’d become a laughing stock. I’m not fooling anyone like this… heck, even if Bob or Bill catches wind of this I’m never going to hear the end of it! Ah well, I’ll just have to satisfy myself with by heading back to the dorm. I guess that’s all I really have to say today. I’ll try to write some more in a few days… I’ve got a lot on my mind, heaps of orbital mechanics with Wernher Von Kerman. This is Jebediah Kerman, Log Entry (J10-Alpha-3), signing off.

Author’s Note: I’m still disappointed in all of our readers, none of whom have figured out the references! (No, @Salmon, you don’t count!) Surely someone will be able to find it soon!

Editor’s Note(s): Visit Encyclopedia Astronautica if you run out of ideas for craft building. No, I did not create it either. I'm not that awesome.

Second Author's Note: @Salmon is that awesome!

Third (and final) Author's Note: I leave for New Zealand forI  two weeks, and I will essentially be off the grid. @Barzon Kerman, @The_Cat_In_Space, and @Lo Var Lachland please don't @ me.




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Heads up... giant chapter incoming!

Chapter 3 Intro - “The accelerometer” : K.R.A.S.H.E.D. Mission Control - 1 Moho 65 - Unmanned Hammer Hop Test 1 - T-20, -21, and -22 Days to Arcs 3, 4, and 5; ~75-120 Days to Bluestone 1

Author’s Note: Before we get started with this chapter, a couple of people have told that this would make a good animated series. I’m not that good, but if someone would like to turn this into a comic, just message me the word and I’ll give it the go for launch! In addition,, I’m slowly adding more stats, so be prepared! There are six months in the Kerbal world, each with 71 days. The months are named after the other six planets of the Kerbol system and in this order: Moho, Eve, Duna, Dres, Jool, Eeloo. Simple enough! It also wont say the year; it’ll just say (Year) (Month) (Day). Now, on with the story!

Well, it’s been close to a month since we actually had anything leave the pads, but it’s time. The R&D folks, led by Bob, have developed something they’re calling a probe core-- it allows us to control the rocket without a Kerbal. We’re testing it out on the first Hammer booster, so we’ll see how it goes. It launches in a little under 30 seconds, so we’ll see how it goes. *glances at Valentina* Val and I… well, let’s just say we’ve gotten closer since I last did a journal entry, and I think soon I’ll be able to tell her how I feel. Honestly… I’m nervous and excited… but we’re about to launch. *shifts attention* *checks watch* Alright… 10 seconds. 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… *flames begin belching from the bottom of the rocket as it rises* woah. Look at it fly… is it supposed to be tipping like that? *glances at Gene* Gene: No… something’s wrong… Jim: that’s exactly what happened before-- *rocket explodes* crap. That’s not good. No kidding, Sherlock… We gotta figure out what went wrong, and fast. We got 15 days, people! Grab as many engineers and scientists as we got, and let’s get out to the debris field! That sound good, Gene? That, my boy, is exactly why I wanted you in this space program… You can take control of any situation, no matter how bad it is. Let’s get out there.

*end Log Entry J10-Alpha-3*


Chapter 3 - Mission Control - 1 Moho 71, 530 - T-14, -15, and -16 to the Hammer Hops; ~69-114 Days to Bluestone 1

*Yawns* It’s been six days since the accident. Gene has had us working around the klock, and I don’t think I’ve slept at all. Gene put me in charge of the disaster committee, and we think we’ve got the issue nailed down. Or should I say… bolted? The problem was discovered to be that one of the two accelerometers that we had installed on opposite sides was… installed upside down. That small mistake crippled the mission, as the probe thought one side was going up, and the other down. It caused the probe to flip out and break apart under the g forces. *yawns again* man… on the other hand, the center has its End of Month awards getting ready to occur in about 15 minutes, so I’ll probably log that. The first true month that we’ve existed is big, so the awards competition is fierce, but I’m excited to hear if any of my friends got anything. The big one people are looking forward to is the Pilot of the Month award, as it seems to be down to Val and Jim. Should be cool. *hops up from Mission Control console, and begins to walk towards the Administration building* Let’s see what the awards are this month… Scientist of the Month? Huh… Blooper of the Month is definitely going to whoever installed the accelerometers… Engineer of the Month is definitely going to Bill as he’s done the most work… Pilot of the Month… hmm? What’s this one… *squints* musta been written last minute… Director of the Month? That’s a new one! I guess it’s between the directors of each division. Looks interesting. *pushes open door and heads to auditorium* Let’s see… what time is it? 545… got it… better get a seat. *opens auditorium door to find a full auditorium* WOAH! I’ve never seen the awards show so packed! I better find a seat… there’s Bill! *walks over* Hey dude! *fist bump*

Bill: What’s up, my dude?

You know… the usual… think we finally figured out what the problem was on the rocket.

Oh? What was it? Missing engine cover…

Not even close! One of the accelerometers got installed upside down!

*jaw drops* You’re kidding!

Nope… wish I was though…

However… I’m surprised you haven’t even said ‘Hi’ to Val yet… it’s not like she’s right on the other side of me! Oh wait… *moves out of the way* she is!

Val: *giggles* Very funny, Bill… You look exhausted, Jeb! What have you been doing?

*sigh* I’ve been working on that committee for the last six days… without sleep.

Wow… I’m impressed, Jeb! I didn’t know you had that kind of work ethic!

Ouch… you should see him when it’s his turn to lead the program when Gene retires! He’s gonna be a monster!

*flicks Bill’s head* Very funny. Now sit down, Gene’s getting ready to talk.

Gene: *taps mic* Is this on? Good… let’s make sure we don’t have any tech problems like last Eeloo… anyway! Right into the awards! Scientist of the Month goes to… *opens envelope* Wernher… why can’t I read your handwriting again? Anyways… I think that it says-and correct me if I’m wrong, please-Jordan Kerman? *cheering and Wernher nods* *gives small trophy of a plane to Jordan* Alright… the next one on the list is Engineer of the Month, and this one goes to Bill Kerman, no surprise!

*cheers* Go get it, dude!

*jogs up to the stand and accepts second plane trophy*

Next up… Blooper of the Month! Again, no surprise, but we still don’t know who did this, but whoever installed the accelerometers please come up. *no one stands up* Well then… this will just stay in my office to remind me to always check their credentials *laughter erupts throughout room*. Pilot of the Month! This was a close one, but we’ve decided to give it to… VALENTINA KERMAN!


Go get it, Val! *grins as she ascends the steps*

*gives Val a larger plane trophy, one of two larger trophies on the stand* And finally, the award so many of you are curious to find out what it is… Director of the Month! *Unveils final trophy* For those of you in the back, this award will be a model of the planet the month goes along with. For this month of Moho, we have a model of Moho. The winner of this award, in addition to being the hardest-working Kerbal here, is… Jebediah Kerman. *Room falls silent*

Wha-What? Me???

*Nods* Jeb, you’ve showed extraordinary work ethic as the director or the mishap committee, and the other directors and I wanted to reward you. Please, come up on stage! *applause begins*

*Walks up to stage, in a daze* Please tell me I don’t have to give a speech, and then pinch me. *more laughter in room* *grins*

No, you won’t have to give a speech. Unless you want to? *Pinches*

Ow! I didn’t mean for you to actually pinch me! And no, I don’t want to give a speech! *joins other trophy winners, along with Gene*

And now, my favorite part. Having to take the dang obligatory photo for the press… *cameras flash for about five seconds* Alright! We’re done! No more pictures! Now if you’re in the media… please get the heck out of my sight! *laughter from non-media members*

Well… that was eventful, wasn’t it, Val?

Yep! But not quite as eventful as your flying! I sure hope you don’t buzz the tower in that spaceship of yours!

*Begins walking back to Astronaut Complex with Val* I take offense to that! I’m not that reckle-- yeah, fine… I won’t buzz the tower on a Hammer.

*Giggles* *rests head on Jeb’s shoulder* I’m glad you won something. It was hard not seeing you at all for a week!

Yeah… same. *Arrives at Astronaut complex* Well… we’re here. I guess we gotta go our separate ways now.

Yeah… *leans in to whisper in Jeb’s ear* good job… and if you don’t want the girl you like to know that you like her, don’t say it on a public log. *kisses his cheek* Good night... *enters her room*

*In shock* Man… this day just gets crazier and crazier… what next? We see a UFO? *shakes head before going to room and camera cuts*

*end Entry J10-Alpha-3-beta*

End of Chapter Author’s Note: I know this is a really hecking long chapter, and I apologize, but I needed to get two weeks of ideas onto some paper! Anyway… think I’m gonna take a break this weekend to just relax, maybe just watch soccer/football...

Editor’s Note: Still digging out of the mountain of homework.

And yes... we wrote that chapter in under an hour. I'm exhausted!

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Chapter 4 - Liftoff - 1 Eve 14 - Proximae 3 Capsule - Hammer Hop 1/Proximae 3 T-5 Minutes

Well… I’m in the capsule. It’s quite cramped, if I’m going to be honest. They did let me name the capsule, however. I’ve named it the Proximae 3, in honor of it being the third flight and the closest yet to space. Jeb? Can you hear me? Hmm? Yeah, I can hear you, Val! Loud and clear! Well, I’m glad it’s you in the CAPCOM seat. I’m just gonna chat with you… Wernher and Linus are having some heck of an argument… not even sure what language they’re speaking in. German, maybe? Makes sense… listen in...

Wherner: Linus, du Dummkopf! Dies wird nicht fünfundzwanzig Sekunden lang fliegen, nur zweiundzwanzig!

Linus: Nein, Wernher! Wenn wir gerade genug Zeit haben, um dies zu ändern, dann--

NEIN! Sie können diesen Start nicht verzögern! Die Medien sind bereits da, und wenn Sie den Start verzögern möchten, werden Sie nicht nur enttäuschte und wütende Medien haben, Jeb wird nicht glücklich sein!

Sehr gut ... Ich werde Gene sagen, dass Sie nicht mehr Wissenschaft sammeln, als wir hätten erreichen können.

Fein! Tun Sie das, Sie werden der Ärger sein!

Well… that was something… Linus just stormed off and Wernher just returned to drinking his koffee and reading his book… wow.

(Kerballing’s First Note: If you wanna find out what was just said, just copy all that into Google Translate… that’s what I did!)

What book is he reading? Looks like the first issue of… haven’t heard of that one before. Emiko Station? Huh… I’ll have to look that up when I land. How long do we have until launch? Umm… 30 seconds. Alright… wish me luck. I don’t need to. You’ll be fine! Well, you’ll be better than you were after eating your helmet… Don’t mention that. Please. Alright… you got ten seconds… five… four… three… two… one… *camera gets flung into back of capsule* WHOO-HOOOO-HOOOOOO THE GEES ARE REAL!!! *engine cuts off* hahaha… that was amazing! *decoupler clunks* ahh… *flicks switches to do science things…* okay… data collected… Did you have fun, Jeb? Yeah. I also remembered to science, as well! Good. *parachute deploys with a loud FWUMP* oof… forgot about the chute… now where’s my camera? *looks around before finding it in the back* ah *parachute deploys fully with an even lounder FWUMP* OOF. You forgot about the parachute again? You know me too well… ow… *gloved hand closes over camera lens and cinces it back to suit* splashdown in 3… 2… 1… *sploosh* ah… Kerbin once again… and now the waiting for the helicopter begins… *sigh*

*end Entry J10-Beta-1*


Kerballing’s Second Note: As always, this is such great fun to write for the wonderful community surrounding this heck of a game. If anyone wants me to throw in either a reference to them or a reference to their thread/series, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. I have a couple more ideas for references, but I’m starting to run dry. KERBALLING, OUT!

@Salmon’s Note: If anyone knows much about the UR-900 then please tell me.

Chapter Five is also underway...

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fixing things
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On 4/20/2019 at 1:59 AM, Pretorian28715 said:

Think Jeb would not have complained for an extra 3 seconds though?

Nice liking this, referencing scifi in general is good, the big bad mods nice moderator's could be fun. 

Scot Manley, @Just Jim for your ref's so far 

Awaiting Moar...

YESYESYES! GIVE THIS MINION A BANANA! I was starting too worry that no one would figure it out! Honestly though, I complain a lot so Jeb is kinda based off of myself but a more BAD$ version of me.

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Chapter 5 - For Science! - 1 Eve 15, 330 - Launchpad 1B - T-5 Minutes to Refuge 4

Well… it’s been just over a day since Proximae 3 launched, and Scott is sitting on the pad in his Refuge 4… pretty sure they named it because he wanted refuge from the media. The media has been pestering him for the last 3 hours… I’ve also become engrossed in Wernher’s Emiko Station books, they’re really good! Wernher has a great taste in books. Jeb! Did you hear Gene actually let Linus do his tweaks on this one? Really? Yeah. Apparently it was harder to get the scheme past Gene, but Wernher let it go right ahead on the Refuge. Gene’s not letting it happen for tomorrow’s Haven 5, though. I figured as much. I’m surprised he let it go this far anyways, Val! I’m a little surprised, too. I thought that this, forgive the pun, would never fly! *groans* That was pretty bad, Val. Yeah… don’t blame me, though, blame Anakin. I heard him making the pun earlier. Oh, great… of course the intern’s making rocket puns… is it really true that he came up with both Refuge and Haven? Yeah.

Kerballing’s First Note: Yes, the same person (not me or Salmon) came up with both names, and as such earned himself the very first permanent reference, KnightofKessler, who I have the honor of being in the same Discord server with. He has (at least for now) agreed to become the third member of the team, and will come up with at least all the craft names, if not Kerbal names.

Apparently he’s pretty skilled in the naming department… I heard that the PR department’s taking him on full-time. Wow. Good for him! *T-30 seconds until the launch of Refuge 4* Oh man… this is it! *The Final Countdown begins playing* *T-15 seconds… T-10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4…* *FOR SCIENCE is suddenly yelled over the intercom* *camera drops abruptly ending the log*

1 Eve 15, 500

Well… we got the camera back! I can’t believe it still works! It withstood a heck of a drop from where we were sitting. Yeah… I know. That probably wasn’t the smartest idea I’ve ever had. No kidding… you wanna recap the flight? Sure. The flight went without a problem, and Scott took the H.Q.’s first flight west. We got even more science, and Scott got a selfie in the capsule, somehow. Not sure how he pulled that off, but he has more experience in smuggling things onboard than I do (sandwiches are one example). It’s impressive enough he got the picture in the first place under the g-forces. The research team also announced some huge findings today: they discovered two new planets, one a gas giant with four moons, and the other a large rocky blob with an atmosphere out in deep space with at least two moons. The naming of these bodies is being opened to the public, It’s exciting… for the first time since the dawn of the telescope, there are new bodies being discovered! Umm… doesn’t that moon around Eve count? Gilly or something? No, it’s too tiny to really count. Anyways … I think the names should be something really cool… like Olau’em for the distant planet. *snickers* It sounds like you just coughed up a bird! Oh come on! It’s Ancient Kær’sin for far! I know… I took it as an elective in kollege, too! Oh… that’s right. Did you have Professor Alain, too? Oh yeah, he was great! He was such a fun professor, too! Oh man… It’s hard to believe that was five years ago… five years before the start of the space program was foretold to begin... *bum bum bummmm!*

Kerballing’s Second Note: This is where you guys come in! You can send the ideas to the Discord (the second link in the signature) or just post them here. @KnightofKessler, @Salmon, and myself will choose the best of these (a set of all eight is requested) and you will be given a special rank in the Discord and a possible one-time mention here.

@Salmon’s Note: Henlo frens. I invite you all to the Discord server.

@KnightofKessler’s Note: Hi! I’m Knight of Kessler… you may remember me from Occupy Duna. I’ll be joining the Jeb’s Journals team as the Vokabulator (that is, I’ll be naming things in the universe when needed). Hope you enjoy the occasionally strange names I give things!


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3 minutes ago, Kerballing (Got Dunked On) said:

Hey Guys! The executive producers for the series (i.e. ME, MYSELF, and I) have decreed that this series shall be released once a week, probably on Fridays. No more erratic release schedule! *yay*


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