[1.3.1 - 1.7.1] Inner Lock - lock your inner parts

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18 minutes ago, whale_2 said:

Nice, seems like I have to pay more attention to the alignment checking :)

He did have them pretty badly misaligned to be fair. Overall quite a nice showcase, and good that he showed it with IR, as "docking" of two parts of the same craft it what this mod is best for.

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2 hours ago, whale_2 said:

@kcs123 Thanks for sharing this, but shouldn't it be isSwitchable = true ?

I'll look into loading issue, probably just a bug waiting to be fixed.

Correct, I was having several pieces of code opened and pasted wrong one. Filter is correct, though :).

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@whale_2, with correct value for "isSwitchable = true", issue with PAW in SPH/VAB is solved too. It happen only with wrong set of variable values. strange thing is that with "isSwitchable" set to false it was also allowed to change settings, but with the PAW bug mentioned above.

Not much of big issue if MM patches were properly made.

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