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Good "Spice of Life" mods for a Career Run

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What do ya'll ding dong dang nabbit space cowboys typically use during your career mode play through's to flesh out your parts list? I get the general rule that it's good to avoid the bloat and slim down your mod list but for me I'm a fine connoisseur of chocolate opposed to the vanilla gameplay so I want to mod this thing until it splits at the seams.

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Near Future (All of them) are top-quality as well.

Lithobrake Exploration Technologies - hasn't been updated, doesn't need to be.

If you're even moderately interested in spaceplanes, OPT.

Planetary Base Systems

Feline Utility Rover

Coatl Probes Plus if you like smaller.


Just a few off the top of my head - these are pretty much all pure-parts mods, so no real changes to gameplay.  (Near Future Electrical and Near Future Atomics have some mild additions.)

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