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The Deer (Game I'm making)


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Howdy, so I thought that it might not be a bad idea to show off what I've been working on to this community if anyone is interested(not entirely sure if these type of posts are even allowed). For the past 6 or so months, I've been quietly working on a story based horror game made with unity.

Professional Bigfoot hunters Anthony Grant and Chad Foster embark on the ultimate expedition to the northern Minnesotan wilderness in search of evidence supporting the existence of Bigfoot. They soon find out that these woods are not home of just Bigfoot, but of a shapeshifting deer creature known as an Agilevak. 


In The Deer, Anthony and Chad must work together to survive these paranormal creatures and capture evidence supporting the existence of them to show the world. In a seven chapter story ranging from multiple locations including river rapids, old abandoned cabins, to even cave systems, experience the adventure of a lifetime when you take on the unknown headfirst in search of the truth.  


Key Features

  • Not one, but three paranormal creatures!
  • Step into the shoes of a professional Bigfoot hunter!
  • Explore the northern Minnesotan wilderness!
  • Experience the diverse nature of all seven chapters! (When all seven are released)
  • Every new chapter will be released as a free update!

This game includes a seven chapter story of diverse experiences ranging from mine shafts, rivers, old cabins, and old cities. Chapter 1 will release on Steam first with the rest of the chapters coming as free updates every couple months. Right now Chapter 1 takes a little over an hour to complete.

Link to Devlog: https://dododigitalgame.com/blog/the-deer-devlog-3

The Deer will come to Steam this August.

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I was just being facetious seems like people want ver 2  before ver 1 is out sometimes.  Also this reminded me of an old movie where some hunters are scarred away because they think the kangaroos are shooting back.

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