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[WIP] [1.6.X] Jool Retouch


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Goal: bring stock Jool up to par with the quality of the base OPM gas giants, while maintaining mostly stock colors. Inspired by Snark's JoolBiomes

Mostly a proof-of-concept of https://www.seedofandromeda.com/blogs/49-procedural-gas-giant-rendering-with-gpu-noise


  • 1024x512 scaled space texture (same size as base OPM)
  • Indexed, colored biome map, with Kerbnet colors
  • (ongoing) Science flavor text for the different biomes
  • (incomplete) Jupiter-esque dust ring
  • (incomplete) EVE-based storms and cloud swirls (optional)

Required: Module Manager, Kopernicus

Recommended: OPM, EVE, Realistic Atmospheres, Custom Asteroids + OPM configs

Incompatible: Most visual overhaul mods that affect Jool

The mod disables itself when unsupported visual overhaul mods are detected. Most of the popular visual overhaul mods change Jool enough so that the biome map added by this mod is pointless (and the updated scaled space/EVE clouds they provide are much better than the ones this mod gives). Custom biome maps will be included for supported mods.


Tracking Station Photos (w/o Scatterer & w/o EVE):





In-flight Photos (w/o Scatterer & w/o EVE):







Release link

Github repository link (license is CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 for *.dds, *.xcf, & *.png; MIT for everything else)

(source assets available in GIMP *.xcf)


Work-in-progress; Open to artistic/feature suggestions

Edited by Eridan
source assets released
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