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[Xbox] Contract "Test RT-10 "Hammer" SFB @ launch site" not completing - 31/03/2019


As the title says, the Test RT-10 "Hammer" Solid Fuel Booster at launch site contract does not complete after staging while necessary conditions are achieved.


Platform -> Xbox

Version -> Latest update 31/03/2019 without Making History DLC (I'd suggest that the version number be displayed in the main menu screen or the settings screen!)

Control Preset -> Cursor

Steps Taken:

  1. Accepting contract at Mission Control;
  2. Building a ship with a Hammer SFB as first stage;
  3. Checking both testing conditions are met:
    1. At Kerbin;
    2. At Launch Site;
  4. Launching rocket trough staging;
  5. Recovering rocket and re-launching through manual part activation with the cursor.



-Contract does not complete through staging or manual part activation;


-There was no problem completing the same contract for the Flea SFB; BACC "Thumber" SFB and RoveMax Model S2.

I believe this problem may be related to the part redesign, with the game believing the object "Hammer" SFB from the contract is not the same SFB I have fitted in my ship.

Video: https://xboxclips.com/Arch3rAc3/4a6517ce-1b65-4840-93ee-f0d822c082b9


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I'm playing Enhanced Edition on a PS4, new DLC and current patch.

I'm seeing some of the same type of things. Test a Flea booster at the Launch site to complete... tried several times with several different configurations, it wouldn't clear the contract.

The contracts are sometimes incorrect when they state "run test" or, "activate through the normal staging". I splashed down a poodle engine for a test, the contract said 'activate through normal staging', but it needed me to 'run the test' unfortunately I had to relaunch and 'run test' to get the contract cleared, it wouldn't let me try both options once splashed down.  I had to launch it several times to figure it out and get the contract cleared,

I was launching, reverting and re-launching a sub-orbital test from the new Woomerang (sp?) launch site, "go to specific altitudes and speeds" and just couldn't hit the marks, so I decided to Launch a different mission from the normal launch site, then all the current contracts went blank. They were all just gone, so I went and got new contracts.

The early career contract system has been the downfall of game-play since the first console release.

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Yeah I'm curgently having a problem with a haul RT-10 "Hammer" solid fuel booster into flight over kerbin. It won't recognize the booster and check off the -have RT-10 "Hammer" solid fuel booster. It will for other components I have contracts for but says I don't have one on my ship. I also believe the code somehow got messed up and is looking for the wrong item for this mission.

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