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Today I was reading "Voyage," and it mentioned using a "Saturn V-B" rocket. After doing some research I found out it was a real (cancelled) rocket! Does anybody know some information on it? Diagrams and pictures would be much appreciated.

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Here's the Encyclopedia Astronautica article on it: http://astronautix.com/s/saturnv-b.html

It's a stage-and-a-half design (a la SM-65 Atlas) built off of the Saturn 1C stage. The four outer F-1 engines detach early in flight and (in principle) are recovered, with the fifth, center sustainer F-1 carrying the vehicle the rest of the way to orbit. Payload estimates put it at somewhere around ~22,000 kg to 28-degree 200x200 km LEO, which is comparable with Shuttle.

You can find lots of "cancelled" Saturn family rockets out there. Various contractors and organizations did a ton of design studies in the 60's and early 70's, trying to work out what could be done with the tech after Apollo. The silliness of the proposals ranged all over the place, from "we strapped some solid boosters onto it" (e.g. Saturn IB-D)  to things like the Saturn V-B.

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