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KSP Loading... Preview: Advanced Maneuver Mode

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Woohoo! Thanks for the release date!

Also looking forward to trying out these QoL features as I have never found a precise manevour node mod that I like or that has stayed updated. 

Please ensure that you test these with GUI scaling set to higher than 100% as well please. :)

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Oh my God an actual useful feature requested by the community many times. 

Good to see it implemented. Still probably gonna get ker and precise maneuver if/when I update, just out of habit. 

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Stock precisenode? Orbit info panel integrated into existing UI?

Stop, please, you're spoiling me.

Honestly that video made me crack a huge grin, any feature that means waiting for less vital QoL mods to update is a huge win in my books, and this update alone is taking a good 4 or 5 out of the equation already.

I like the final choice for the altimeter mode UI too, looks like you took the best of every suggestion in that brainstorm thread for a neat result. Great work :cool:

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Oh yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!!  No more fiddling round trying to select the central manoeuvre node and keep getting one of the others!  I love this :wub: !!  Thanks!!!

Oh - and the new skybox is delicious too. :o

Yup, that's how we spell it on this side of the water :) .

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This is a big improvement. I hope it's scalable though

I don't really understand why the font size for every UI element has to be different?? If the navball text is considered readable (which it is) why does the Maneuver Node UI have to be three times the font size and take up all that room??? Just a waste of space.

I'd much rather the font be the same size as the Navball and all of the different Maneuver Node panels be on one tab instead of three.



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