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F-14 and F-5 created by @xoknight

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 I would like to say that it’s creation is downright savage. I noticed that the thread it is on was old so I decided to habour it in another thread to help regenerate interest. @xoknight is the creator and all of the credit goes to him, the only thing I did was repost it.

"Watch the birdie"


Hello  KSP forums, I am back from my hiatus and I would like to present my F-14 Tomcat replica.

Just under 100 parts, this plane provides maneuverability with speed. It also has the option of carrying bombs giving it a punch no other fighters can. There is also an option (well more of a challenge) where you can attach a refueling probe on the side of your plane so you can attempt to mid air refuel. (I've done it once and it's very difficult)

This plane comes equipt with ladders for crew access, and a hidden solar panel to keep it charged while stationary.

Action Groups:

1: Flaps (helps takeoff, land, and maneuvering)

2: Ladders

3: Front wheel steering




-Refueling probe http://www./download/hdh5q94xbuq6n5v/Refueling_Probe.craft

-Ordinance http://www./download/5731asggq7fa89b/Bomb_ordinance.craft





The bomb may be carried under the belly or under both wings.


Good luck nailing this thing.



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