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A Legend Returns | 1:1 Lockheed Super Constellation in Stock KSP

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Yes, you heared right, I have made a fully stock - that means no DLC - version of the famous Lockeed L1049 Super Constellation complete with stock Props and build in 1:1 scale. All this with a farly moderate partcount of 628, well, moderate for that scale of plane. Dowload link: https://kerbalx.com/HB_Stratos/Lockheed-L-1049-Super-Constellation
I liked the plane so much I´ve made a whole cinematic dedicated to this plane. If you skipped over it, please watch the Video above, It was a lot of work but truly worth it.

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Wow, just wow!  Those are the best looking stock propellers I have seen and the whole plane is just amazing. Congratulations. I saw a few comments on KerbalX about it being the best replica out there, and I think I have to agree.


BTW: Where did the cool runway barriers and radar tower come from?

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How did you do that?

I want to know how many hours it took you, even if it took you days.

It is so accurate.


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it took a long time to do, here are some pics of the build process:
(mainly it was just my experience with building replicas and an obsession with this plane)





The fuselages are used for measuring to get perfectly accurate dimensions.

First glide test


Engines added (subassembly, no screenshots)


First windows




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