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Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit - Dev Thread


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Specular pass on all textures & optional Columbia-style wings now available on the GitHub:




The specular is a subtle change, but it adds a lot of depth & tangibility to the parts and helps to define the different materials being used on different parts of the TPS. 

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On 6/26/2019 at 5:16 PM, macc92 said:

been loving the mod so far, are there any recommendations to stop the canadarm waving about during launch and maneuvers?

You can lock the robotics parts in the VAB if you're using 1.7.2, or use an action group to toggle them locked pre-launch if you're using 1.7.1. 

Just pushed a beta release to the GitHub, we're now very close to launch indeed (I estimate 2-3 days from now). In this update, I've adjusted the balance a little, fixed the orientation of the Orbiter Docking System, added a -15° offset control point for the cockpit (this makes control post-booster sep and burns using the OMS a whole lot easier, especially if using MechJeb), played with the placement of flags and decals, and included a craft file (using reDIRECT and Breaking Ground). 

I'd appreciate feedback on how the shuttle performs with a variety of payloads and mission types if possible. Any suggested tweaks to the Shuttle itself or to the reDIRECT parts to make manual control any easier would be gladly received. Currently she flies very well with MechJeb Primer Vector Guidance, but I'd like to make it as easily flyable (if that's possible with the shuttle...) for those of you who fly manually too. 


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5 hours ago, James Kerman said:

Congratulations @benjee10, you have been awarded thread of the month for the great work you have put into this mod.

Awesome, that's a big honour, many thanks!

5 minutes ago, sslaptnhablhat said:

@benjee10 Do you plan on adding IR compatibility for those of us who don't have (or refuse to buy) the DLC?

Ah! Forgot mention that I added IR-Next compatibility last update. It'll automatically patch the robotics parts to use IR if it detects it installed. It may cause issues with existing craft when switching between BG and IR and you should probably rebuild any robotics bits on craft in the VAB if you install/remove IR to avoid unexpected issues. 

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24 minutes ago, WarpSpeed127 said:

Looks really good! Just one thing though, will the main fuel tank be able to be switched between orange and white?

The main tank is part of my mod reDIRECT, and yes it is switchable to white!

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17 hours ago, sslaptnhablhat said:

@benjee10 In the near / far future, do you plan on adding Shuttle variants like Shuttle-C, perhaps even Buran, in a similar fashion to CA?

These are all possible, but not near term. The Shuttle alone has been a pretty mammoth job an the thought of going back into it to create further variants fills me with a feeling of almost existential dread right now - but I'm not ruling it out in the future when I'm a bit less burnt out on it.


Boys, the time has come - release thread is live:


This will stay on as the dev thread, with latest updates and test versions being posted here, and the main thread being reserved for general support of major releases.

Many thanks!

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@benjee10 hello and im having a issue with the file "htrobotics" i know it holds the robotic arms and bits but it seems i couldn't load it properly, on the grapple fixture, the piece that connect to the grapple fixture and the truss i also have IR next sequencer installed btw

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