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mechanical things - digital adder

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 UPDATE - 05/07/2019

 Let's add more digits!

 We now we have two, two-digit inputs with a three-digit output. 

 We've about tripled the number of gates.  We're at about 700 parts now instead of the 250 earlier.


 I used a wonderful, free program called Logisim to help me get my logic correct before I began the upgrade.


 You'll see in a few places there are two NOT gates attached, which shouldn't make sense.  But being mechanical this NOT/NOT arrangement gave me leeway and space to move and reposition those logic segments so everything lined up.


I'm probably gonna stop here though.  Since gravity is the ground state each lower gate has to weight whatever is above it +1, so it adds (lol) up quickly.  As this thing gets bigger it gets way harder to build and troubleshoot too.

Thanks everybody.




Why do we build stuff?  Because we can.  Like some of my other useless craft this is more just to say, 'Welp, it's possible.'

 I'm not proud of all the floating parts, but having it stretched out made troubleshooting easier and I didn't want gates hitting each other.

 I spend lots of time with google and wikipedia learning about logic gates, truth tables, half and full adders, and how to make gates out of other gates.


 So this thing takes takes two single-digit binary numbers, adds them together, and gives a sum in base 2.


 The logic gate NOR is universal and can be used to replicate all other gates.  All gates can probably be made in KSP, but I've only used 2 of the easiest for simplicity.  I have NOT gates and OR gates, which combined make NOR, so we can perform all functions with combinations of these 2.  See mom, video games and the internet are good for me.

 The are only 2 actuators, buttons 1 and 2, for the 2 airbrakes you see.  They manipulate the input to the first NOT and OR gates and change the bottom display.  The top display is calculated through the gates.


 Not sure if these pictures are gonna show enough but here we go




 The gates have 2 states, 0 or 1.  0 (inactive) is horizontal and 1 (active) is up 30 some degrees.  Craft is set to default to 0 and 0 for inputs by gravity.



 Because it's mechanial you can't just run a wire to anywhere, so I had to find a configuration to get the last OR to work.


 Maybe in the future I can try to make different gates, or add more digits at the same time.  Eat your heart out, Minecraft.


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Wow.   I've seen these done in dominos (these take a while to input subsequent calculations), and various modern computer games, and even with Conways Game of Life, but I never expected to see one here.   Nice!

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On 5/1/2019 at 12:36 PM, Snark said:

Congratulations on earning Thread of the Month:)

 Thanks!  To celebrate I've tripled the size of the machine so we can add more digits.  Original post edited.

9 hours ago, Fraston said:

not that much of a feat

 I totally took your quote out of context :) , but Challenge Accepted.  Updated: It's now complex as I can get it.

 Like you said, maybe the new DLC will give us more tools.

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