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Here’s the challange:

build a base on the Mun, and put a space station into orbit around the Mun.


Score levels


  • Build a Mun base in only one launch, and have nothing fancy
  • max of 3 Kerbals
  • orbiting station is basic, and one piece.
Rather Basic
  • Multiple launches, but base components aren’t docked
  • max of 5 Kerbals
  • Station is max of 3 launches.
  • Base is multiple pieces, and they’re docked
  • Max of 7 Kerbals
  • Station is capable of ISRU refueling passing ships


  • Base has a rover, and also a science area, complete with surface samplers and experiments.
  • max of 10 Kerbals
  • sation has a ring and can seat 10 Kerbals

*dies of shock*

  • Base is at the polar areas with steep mounatins
  • Max of 15 Kerbals
  • Station’s ring spins and also has a full Comm array.


I will allow mods, but not any that add pieces specifically for bases. No motor mods for the station’s ring, either. Visual mods are acceptable and so are ones that make the game harder. No cheating/HyperEditing please. Screenshots are a must, and videos are better. You don’t have to send a video, but please try.


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