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(UNRELEASED) Komorfia : Eye candy in KSP! : Development Thread


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@Gameslinx if I'm making a 'mistake', then please let me be. I made this mod not to be a competitor to the other visual overhauls, but rather to create my own set of visuals which I enjoyed, and that other people could play with. I'm not doing it for fame in the KSP community, I'm just making this for myself and for other people who see this and want it in their own games. Plus, although the clouds are akin to those you can find in other visual overhauls, I've developed a unique way for the clouds to look super sharp, regardless of your altitude. And that's what I'm happy with. 


@Poodmund I am aware of level of detail. I used to mess around in the Hammer software, making maps. But for KSP, I personally find it unrealistic, and volumetrics may look a bit funny depending on the texture. But that is just my opinion. Again, the performance impact on my mod is very minimal, and if it looks nice and runs well, then that's all that matters to me (and maybe others).

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8 hours ago, Standecco said:

May I suggest trying to get 3d auroras? The only mod that I've seen doing this was E.T.O for RSS, but results were incredible:


I’m currently working on that. :) 

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