Making History isn't showing up

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I've downloaded making history and followed the instructions but it doesn't show up when I try to open add ons. How can I fix this?

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@Flamerunners The 'Add-ons' button on the main menu is just a web link to a site where you download mods. You need to click Start Game when you get to the main menu, and there should be two buttons: 'Play Missions' and 'Mission Builder' underneath the normal options. The other features of MH (the parts, launchsites and alternate spacesuit) should be available in your save games.

You'll need to turn on the other launch sites as they're off by default. The option to turn them on isn't in the main settings, you'll need to enter your save and click the Settings button on the pause menu. Once you're there you can click the 'Difficulty' button and find the option that says something like 'Enable Other Launchsites'.

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