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Welcome to the second KSP challange!

the challange for this Saturday is as follows:

Bronze: Go to the Mun

Silver: Go to the Mun, and then go to Minmus

Gold: do it without refueling or using ISRUs

Good luck, fly safe!

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Well you could make it harder like this:


For ascent from kerbin you can only use poodles or other purely vacuum optimized engines. Then for the rest of the mission from lko to mun and minmus you have to use monoprop engines and the pod must be a mk3 cockpit.


Just a thought..

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(idea incoming!)

Alright! KSP Shallangé: part two: the second half of the second part! 

Welcome everybody! (the two people that have acknowledged my existence here)* My second KSP shallangé for this week is here:

Gene Kerman is in a panic. the KSC is low on money. They only have a few, cheap engines around for a Mun mission...


Bronze: Fly to the Mun and back with only Terriers, Poodles, NERVs, and ONE and only one Atmosphere opt. engine

Silver: Fly to the Mun with all previous restrictions, but bring a rover with seats for the whole crew!

Gold: NO atmospheric engines, only MonoProp engines and vacuum engines. And bring a rover with seats for the whole crew.

Iridium (my new level): Do something above and beyond. something stupid. Something entertaining.


Please try at home, and sent me pictures!

*I will count all the people who liked my posts as people who acknowledged my existence. Thank you.

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