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POLL: When did you start playing KSP?

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Ahh... back in 0.23... simpler times. I don't document my favorite glitches, but I remember so much.

  1. Unrealistic Areodynamics, no need for fairings, in fact, farings didn't exist.
  2. No 3.75m size.
  3. Pages instead of scrollbars, I preferred pages.
  4. No "Electrical", "Communication", or "Thermal" tab... no need for the latter two, those came in 1.2 and 1.0 respectively, and batteries + panels were with Utility.
  5. No "Coupling" Tab, decouplers bundled with "Structural" and docking ports were in Utility. .23.5's Klaw went into Utility
  6. No contracts or upgrades: speed running was much simpler. Revisit this in Science mode!
  7. Pixellated text
  8. Old skybox
  9. No MH expansion
  10. Old suit
  11. Pretty sure no "warp here" button
  12. And so much more!

Ah, I remember those times.

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0.21 veteran here... well, technically I had the 0.18 demo before then. I remember when the science parts didn't really do anything, and there were only the few of them that actually gave measurements (like the thermometer, the negative gravioli detector, etc...). I remember science being added to begin with.


I also downloaded mods from Kerbal Spaceport, which was so long ago someone correct me if it was actually called something else. Still don't really use curse.


(I also lurked on these forums for, like, forever before actually making an account for some reason)

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I started 4 days ago, but bought the game probably around 2 years qgo but my pc back then didn't work well enough for this game. Then I forgot I bought it and saw a youtube recommendation last week and I was like, this looks cool. Wait, I HAVE this game. Been playing it ever since.

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Forgot to mention that I started playing back in 0.20 when I had a excrementsty laptop that could barely handle it. I've known about the forums for years but haven't really had any interest in using them until now.







Recently started downloading all of the older versions I can... Here's 0.13.3 - 


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0.19. Back when rover wheels, aerodynamic effects, and structural parts were new. The first release to not have the launch tower. 

Also, I noticed three people chose 0.6.5... Unless I missed something, the earliest public release was 0.7.3. There was an 0.6.5 zip file found a while back, but I don't think it would have been available to anyone.

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0.15. [snip] I was instantly hook. I remember buying it right after that and sinking hours and hours and hours in to it. Honestly to me, 0.18 was the pinnacle of the game. We finally got the long awaited docking feature, Nova did the entire rework of the stock parts. Everything was just better. The games still fun, but its just not the same anymore.

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v0.18.3. (March 2013 iirc).

My kids and work colleagues talked about it quite a bit, but I resisted trying it knowing I would probably get hooked, eventually I caved in...  and got hooked.

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