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Sanlie kerman can't restore experiments???


This is the first time I'm posting any question in this forum. The problem I'm facing has been bugging me for some time now and I can't find any discussions on it anywhere. 

I'm playing version I don't have any mods installed, I'm strictly against them. I know that in this version single use experiments like mystery goo and materials bay can be reset by a scientist on eva(no need for labs). I've done it already with my mk1 rover. Recently built a mk2 plane with a mk2 cargo bay and loaded it with all science equipment including a goo canister and material bay.I tested the design on the runway, and sanlie was able to restore both the spent experiments(he didn't even have to move. I just eva'd him and left him hanging on the cabin door. He was able to restore from there). However when I flew the plane to a different location (some grasslands near the arctic), the game no longer recognise sanlie as a scientist. The plane is landed and sanlie is standing on top of the materials bay, but still can't do it. When I right click the bay or goo canister, 'restore' is available, but clicking it gives "only scientists can restore inoperable modules".

I must admit that between the testing on the runway and actual flight there was a few design changes. One of the change was to assign running of all experiments to a custom action group. Could that interfere with the restore-ability of the experiments?

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Got the name of the kerbal wrong.
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I agree this sounds like a bug.

When in the command module, hover over Sanlie's image and see if it says he or she is a scientist. maybe somehow they changed roles for some weird reason.

I don't know about action groups but I don't THINK they do. You could test it quite easily buy NOT using that action group, and seeing if Sanlie can restore now.

If all else fails zip up your persistent.sfs file and upload it somewhere. When I get a chance (likely late tonight or early tomorrow morning) I can load it and see if anything jumps out at me.

Not also, if you want to do some digging your own self, the persistent.sfs file is a huge text file with code in it to describe the game state, including a section for the ship, each experiment, and Sanlie with all the traits and abilities listed. Compare Sanlie to another scientist and see if anything jumps out.

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If you haven't already restarted KSP by this point, I would try that first.

After that, I agree with 5thHorseman in that the next step is to check out the save file. You can try digging around in there yourself (the kerbal roster is at the end of the file) or upload the persistent.sfs somewhere for us to check out.

The action groups aren't supposed to interfere with the scientist, but it's possible it triggered a bug.


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